Is social media responsible for moral decadence in our society?

  • It's one of the effecting factors

    There are many things that impact to people like education from school and family, Enviroment, Friends, Etc. . . But nowaday all people depend on social net work too much. So they seem to addicted to use the media. Especially young people are impacted a lot thus it leads many serious issues such as: violence, Don't focus on studying or addicted game online, . . .

  • I work with troubled teen girls and 90% of their issues stem around social media

    They struggle over many things with regards to this. One being pressure to advertise theyselves over social media. They all compete, There is many bullying issues that happen on social media. They don't have to be around a bully to be bullied. Many teens and nudes over snap chat and think it's ok because it disappears and Alfredo distructs. This is accually not the case. People save them and show their friends which eventually trickles back to them. I can go on, But it would take too much time

  • Teens are divrted

    Teens make stylish hair styles, have stylish bikes, and what not. They waste a lot time on this all. They give less importance to studies. And they feel study boring. They go to watch movies and films and do not study. Therefore media is responsible for moral degradation of teens.

  • Social media leads to decline in moral values

    The children at young age spend their precious time in these social networking sites.Instead they should spend their time in studying.
    They should spend their time with their family members .Facebook ,snapchat and twitter could not make their future.It is also the duty of their parents that they should interact with their children and divert their attention in something else.

  • Social media plays a big role in diverting teens from what they really should be doing.

    Instead of supporting their country as the new generation,studying hard,and qualifying,teens are interested in online dating,body building,six pack abs,pornography and other vectors.They have been deviated.A lot of cyber crime these days has also led to kidnappings and rape cases,so its better if parents supervise what their children are doing on th internet.Or the ones at a looss will be the parents themselves until the child is 18

  • It causes problems

    Although many would think that if is not a direct affect on society, I believe social media causes a great problem. Many social media sites gives access to anyone of any age to this that shouldn't be seen. Although it is a main source of information, it causes trouble for us

  • Yes,social media is contagious.

    With every positive and negative information on a social website, it has a psychosocial effect on us, whether we notice it or not. Unconsciously, we dance to its rhythm and since freedom of expression has given us the leverage to say and demand whatever we want, our sense of moral begins to decline and at such, the ease to distinguish between what is right and wrong gradually extinguishes. Bad becomes good and good is hardly recognized because of wanting more, more and more...

  • Social Media Contributes

    Social media has not improved the moral climate of American society. All of the disgusting jokes, innuendo, and stories that find themselves to the Internet surface on social media. These would get far less widespread attention if they weren't so easily passed on or posted. America would be a better society morally if they weren't passed on or posted.

  • Yes, Social Media is Harmful

    I find sites like Twitter and Instagram, Wegstagram, ect. To be a haven where young adults show themselves in self incriminating situations. I see young adults showing themselves in sexually explicit detail, using drugs and alcohol while underage, alluding to violence and using what has become a new language of abbreviations that is disrespectful. I think social media sites like these propagate what is now accepted as a "norm" in society. Because of all this accepted behavior we are having to settle for mediocrity in all areas of our society now. I think society is being forced into the acceptance of mediocrity in important and crucial professions. I see these social media sites as an endorsement of settling for mediocrity from a generation that should be contributing to society instead of ruining it. Education is constantly having to lower it's standards to accommodate this new mediocrity. All professional areas are suffering because of this acceptance of mediocrity. We need more expertise in professions not mediocrity. I think it is a shame and will only get worse because none of this behavior is monitored and influences other young adults to engage in self destruction and destructive ways of attacking other people. There is more violence in society now. There is just sheer disrespect for others on these social websites. There is estrangement issues because parents have to either accept their young adult children's behavior or just disassociate themselves from their children completely now. I think social media sites like Twitter and Instagram allow young adults to glamorize behavior that threatens the very infrastructure of our society as a whole.

  • Yes, Social Media Sometimes Breeds Evil

    Social media like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter are responsible for people knowing about other people’s possibly decadent behavior in great detail. Such knowledge may cause copycat behavior. Social sites also seem to facilitate people who egg one another on to behavior that certainly could be called decadent. People encourage one another to bully at times, and certain websites encourage anorexia and suicide, too. The detachment and anonymity of the web has the
    power to bring out the dark side.

  • Its Communication medium

    My generation was born to work with social media. It's a natural part of our communication with the world. I d9nt think people understand the power of social media or our phones. What is interesting is the power and impact of social media so we mist try to use social media for a good cause

  • It's our requirement.

    Social media is not about exploitation of technology but service to community. There are alot of pros and cons about Social media. It's just how you choose to handle it and how you have to be prepared for the negatives as well. You can make it helpful for you and you can make it harmful

  • Please it doesn't

    Wowww. How could anyone think like this. Can you possibly imagine a world without social media. It has given us sooo much. We can communicate with our peers and relatives face to face even if they are sooo far away. Social media has more advantages than disadvantages. Support media always

  • Are you kidding?

    It is meant to help each other. Not for moral degradation. You can gather loads of information from social media. It keeps you updated to the latest needs and requirements of the developing world. It is devasttating to hear that people would be against it. It's meant for interaction not exploitation

  • No it doesn't.

    It is only here to help you interact with each other and be socially interactive, But if you will use it for other purpose, It's not Social media's fault that you will be exploited. You have to learn the real cause of the creation of social media. It was meant to help you inform and to make it the voice of the downtrodden

  • It depends on you only.

    Everything has it's pros and cons. It depends on which path you choose. Similarly, Social media has it's advantages and disadvantages as well. Social media can be helpful and dangerous at the same time. It only depends on how YOU use it. If you use it rightly, It will be helpful for you and have many advantages but if you use it wrongly, It will exploit you

  • Okay. . . We might say its caused it but it all comes to how the person using the sites is doing so.

    We can't blame social media for everything yet it all comes down to how we bring up our children into the society. If we havent instilled any of the positive virtues in the, Then they are gonna be so gullible when they want to emulate the wrong doings of things that actually happen in this world. Weve got to admit that all this happens and the more we enlighten our kids on what to do and what not to do. . . We win. Make sure you become the change in our ever ending society.

  • Social media says truth

    It just says what is going onin socity people reading shoud understand what to take what to not . There a age limit should be followed by people ... It is a individual to know how to handle situation . I complete my sentence . N . L. L. L.

  • Social media is not the course of immorality among the youth

    We are faced with one of the most basic problems of mankind : finding blames for our own problems. We train our young ones to be dishonest, indisciplined and immoral and we blame it all on just a network. Tell me the youth spend precious time online and I'll tell you how valuable communication is. Tell me the watch and i will tell you someone posted them there. Those to blame are ourselves and those who trained us.

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