Is social media useful in generating political and social action?

  • Yes it is.

    People who engaged in social media evaluate the day today socio political scenario of the nation or specific State and post their opinion and share with others too. This will help others too form their opinion. Soon it will become massive opinion formation and the result is final social or political action auto-generated.

  • Helps in preessurising government

    We can easily force government which cannot be done so easily through some other forces nmore over through social media v can pressurise the government be even insulting them through social media and what more do you can even force the government through social media to listen to a common man

  • A great way to spread knowledge and opinions.

    Social media is extremely useful in generating political and social action. Many people share their viewpoints on the economy and other political issues such as gun control and the issue of LGBT equality. When I log into my Facebook account, I see articles and videos regarding gun control. This is just one of the many topics discussed. It is a great way to express your views and knowledge so that others can learn more about issues and can make informed decisions or take action if the need arises.

  • Social Media is Useful for Generating Political and Social Action.

    Yes, I do believe the social media is useful for generating political and social action. Websites such as Twitter and Facebook allow people thousands of miles apart to connect and discuss common issues. It can help bring awareness to issues that national media may not be covering. It's also an effective way to get organize many people in support of an issue and present it to lawmakers in the hopes of swaying a debate or changing a law.

  • Yes, it helps spread the word

    Social media is a way to quickly get information out to many people within a short period of time. Most people use some form of social media these days and things spread like wildfire on social media networks. It can definitely be used as a way to get people jumping into action.

  • Social media provides swift proactive calls to action.

    Yes, social media is useful in generating political and social action from the people using social media on a daily basis.

    Many social media users are connected to thousands of other users worldwide and their communications are accessed quickly, often impelling others to take action in some way. This is extremely useful when the purpose of the communication is to inform and encourage political and social action.

  • It is and it isn't

    Social media is useful in the sense of what it's capable of for political and social action, there is no more efficient way of getting a large group of people involved in something. Unfortunately, it's so easily accessible you also pull in a bunch of morons that have no idea what it is they're protesting or how to do it, that's how laughing stocks like Occupy Wall Street happen.

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