• Its is. . . To an extent

    Yes its is useful, It allows us to communicate and collaborate with people like never before, We can (almost) instantly send messages and share content on platforms such as Reddit, Instagram and Facebook, For people to see.

    However it can be a waste of time, If you let it consume you, As most things that require a screen are, But overall the information and other utilities of social media outweigh the negatives, Even if said media platforms are far from perfect.

  • I would like to think that it is useful

    Well Social media, From what i know is a place where you can catch up with the world, Hold new infos connect with people, But mostly needed because especially for this generation we need alot of people to relate to us, Learn from them and them to learn from us! Any opposite answer shall be said!

  • I think the negative outcomes outweigh the positive ones.

    Social media is a large platform used for communication, Innovation, And the development of society. However, The detrimental effects it has, In my opinion, Outweigh the positive ones. For example, I am apart of Gen Z. My generation is so absorbed in their phones that they're missing out on this critical time to develop social skills. When I am among peers, They sit on their phones. They would rather watch a screen than communicate with each other. Social media's rise in power has drastically affected the mental health of my generation. Among many examples, One of the most crucial is the pictures posted on social media. Eating disorders are developing more frequently and earlier in young girls' and boys' lives than before. They're viewing pictures of starving models and developing deadly psychiatric problems. Instagram is slowly becoming a more accepted version of Tumblr. While I agree that social media has helped society develop, It is killing the rising generations from the inside out.

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