Is socialism a destructive economic system?

Asked by: Adam2
  • "Socialism has never been tried!"

    Often, supporters of socialism say that it has never been tried. That is simply not true. It has been tried time and again all over the world, but in every single case it has turned into a humanitarian disaster with bloodshed, shortages of food and energy and severe political repression. The ideology of jealousy and hatred has only ever succeeded in extinguishing great civilizations and slaughtering endless amounts of people.

    That should be enough for people to see that socialism cannot work.

  • It's as bad as monarchy

    Remember the days when Britain and Denmark forced their members to pay taxes to their respective established churches? It's the same case here. Socialism is as bad as that. Big government can persecute business owners who disagree with their views. The Northeast USA is an example of big government. Business taxes have forced businesses to relocate to other business-friendly states

  • False hood of socialism

    Socialism relies too heavily on welfare handouts and sheltering the individual from the 'real world'. At first site this would seem ideal. However it actually puts the recipient into a deeper hole by making him/her reliant on a system of welfare and sheltered workshop. In sum the individual will eventually feel stagnant and apathetic.

    We need a system that creates industry and opportunities, be it 'black smith', 'farrier', shoe maker' or what ever. A system that gives enthusiasm and excitement to the young. A system that delivers the opportunity for the individual to become independent, confidant, secure and self reliant. Sorry but Socialism is none of this.

  • Like socialism? Move to Venezuela and you will change your mind

    10 reasons to reject socialism:
    1. Socialism and communism are the same ideology
    2. Socialism violates personal freedom
    3. Socialism violates human nature
    4. Socialism violates private property
    5. Socialism opposes traditional marriage
    6. Socialism opposes parental rights in education
    7. Socialism promotes radical equality
    8. Socialism promotes atheism
    9. Socialism promotes relativism
    10. Socialism mocks religion

  • It's unfair and impossible to put into practice

    I think the fact that socialism has failed every time it's been put into practice is enough proof that it's a destructive economic system. If humans were perfect, greed-free beings then it could work, but we're not. Socialism promotes equality - and while I believe in equality, I also believe that everyone should work to advance themselves, not having to worry about doing other peoples' work to help them.

    In conclusion, the very concept of socialism is extremely idealistic and idealistic systems are guaranteed to fail.

  • Not at first...

    Socialism is a nice thought, but it's not the best economical system, though not the worst. Socialism places certain, very deliberate, restrictions on freedom which lead to more and more restrictions. So Socialism eventually leads to Totalitarianism. Because when Socialism doesn't work, those in government institute more control and restrictions, not fewer.

  • The true definition

    Socialism, worded by the french, is the practice of controlling economics and distribution by the community as a whole. Forgive me for being blatant, but I feel the community should have some say in the private sector. Technically, all nations are socialist. There are a lot of ill business practices that the majority want to see gone.

  • Seeing as we have been a socialist nation since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, no.

    Militaristic socialism is an issue America needs to address, however our non military oriented socialist endeavors have been quite economically successful.

    Anyone who doubts we are socialist need only view the massive public works projects such as the Hoover Damn, Panama Canal, Manifest Destiny (the settling of the west) and, of course, the interstate road system and highway system.

    If we were not a socialist hybrid nation, private companies would be the only entities performing road maintenance and repair.

    At this time, those projects are funded through a socialist effort.

  • What evidence is there to suggest this?

    According to Forbes, the happiest countries are Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, Finland, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Most of these have socialist governments, with Canada and Australia being more to the left than USA-style capitalism. In bigger countries like the U.S. socialism is unsustainable, but that doesn't make it a "destructive economic system."

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