• Socialist countries are succesful

    Have you noticed that the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) are almost always in the top 10 best nations? They have a high standard of living, high education system, free health care, and low crime rates.
    Socialism only works if the society follows the same morals. The more you put in to it, the more you get out from it.
    There's no "hoping" in this system, it's either contributing to do your role or not. The more people contributing, the better the outcome it is for the society. It's not communism nor democratic, it's better. That's why it actually works.

  • Sometimes I just don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    Another poster writes, "if John works twice as hard for the commune, he doesn't see another dime. In Capitalism, John would benefit from his work." And I sigh. It seems that nobody even knows what socialism is because they have been brainwashed by their McDonald's-eating, flag-waving history teacher. Please read up. Socialism is not communism. Under socialism, the idea is to reward people exactly proportionally to the work that they put in, unlike capitalism which is brutally exploitative and grants wealth disgustingly disproportionately.

    "To each according to his contribution;" they wrote, "He who does not work, neither shall he eat." It astounds me how many have bought into the brainwashing that capitalism rewards based on merit alone.

    Posted by: FR
  • Socialism improves quality of life.

    Capitalism allows the rich to remove money from the economy, making the quality of life for everyone else worse. Socialism takes the excess that people do not need, and gives it to those who do. This increases quality of life, the economy and improves the country and world all at the same time. Robin Hood was a socialist hero.

  • Socialism encourages cooperation.

    Socialism is clearly better than capitalism. It ensures that people are truly rewarded fairly for the work they perform, and it puts all people at an equal level. Fundamentally, capitalism works to divide humans and forces them to compete amongst each other, leaving only the lucky to survive. Capitalism is thoroughly barbaric. Socialism the opposite. It encourages humans to work together to achieve magnificent things, and to live off of their labor. Socialism is likely to replace capitalism, if humans care for each other.

  • Yes socialism is better than capitalism

    Socialism is a set of a left-wing political principles whose general aim is to create a system in which everyone has a equal opportunity to benefit from a countries wealth. Under socialism, the countries main industries are usually owned by the state. As in capitalism property, business and industry are owned by private individuals and not by the state. So in capitalism we cannot question the government as we can in socialism. Therefore socialism is better than capitalism

  • Free market Economics vs Mixed Economics

    Capitalism keeps on failing and having to be more and more regulated. Public housing, Public Education, and Universal Health-care while giving the power back to small business is the way to go. The Guilded Age was a time of oppression and tyranny, the anti-trust act is what makes Teddy Roosevelt one of our best presidents. And now we're in another economic crises, because of capitalism

  • Its Unfair and undemocratic

    George Carlin told it best and i wish he was still here. Capitalism is a political model based on keeping rich people strong and making the the middle class work for the upper class. In the scariest ways, capitalism allows for a small group of people (upper class) to enslave the lower classes because capitalism is based on financial strength. Capitalism allows for untold secrets and the reason being is that people with authority also have money and thus they can control the media. The media is bought by companies so you cannot say it has freedom to speech. Socialism is a political model based on creating a small difference in the authority of different people. It allows for services that can help the poor reach the middle class by taxing the rich more so the power of money is dispersed. The government does not want socialism because they make money from people being in debt so if the lower class becomes more stable it will no longer create revenue for the government

    The US is a capitalistic country and most say it is successful yet if you look up the US debt clock. The amount that the us owes is overwhelming. Some time in the near future i truly think that the US is soon to destroy itself. Thank you capitalism for what you have given us. Lies, debt, corruption, dogma, greed, social groups, war, and the reduction of power of a person no matter how valuable.

  • Fails in Sweden????

    Socialism is a truly magnificent idea. Communism is going too far.

    Utopian Socialism provides true economic equality. Yes, everyone pays a whole ton of taxes, but the government provides magnificent education, health care, roads, public transportation and welfare. The money made by the individual supports the entire country like a never-ending charity. Less money is owned by the individual to buy cheap, plastic objects imported from Asia and - as is shown in the Nordic Countries- a higher national happiness, literacy rate and life expectancy can be achieved by the population.

    The happiness and comfort of the country as a whole is more powerful then the happiness and comfort of a handful of wealthy persons.

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  • Democracy is better than Fascism

    Most people would agree that a government which is Democratically controlled by its people, held accountable for its actions, and restricted is far superior to one that is in complete authoritarian control and the people have no power to influence it. Democratic socialism is the belief that this superior system of Democracy should be extended to our economic lives. Employees of a company should have a voice in how the company is run not some authoritarian boss who can make decisions that drastically impact the lives of hundreds maybe even thousands of people. Capitalism and especially capitalism with no regulations is a system that incentives greed and exploitation and benefits the few at the expense of the many!

  • Because in Socialism, there is no motive to work harder.

    I attend a common high school. So what if no matter HOW hard I worked, I would receive a C+ at the end of the year, would I strive to achieve an A? Or would I just say F*** it I don't need to work because ill only get a C+. But in Capitalism, I have the opportunity to work hard and get that A+.

  • How is this even tied?

    Socialism always fails, the only "success" has been in Sweden. *note the rest of the quasi-socialist countries are failing... A good example: Venezuela* now, Sweden used to be a free market haven. Their growth rate from 1870-1970 was impressive. Starting as a underdeveloped nation, they grew to one of the wealthiest and fastest growing countries in the world. After adopting socialist policies, economic turmoil occurred, wealth stagnated, and international competitiveness fell. They now have one of the lowest growth rates in the developed world. Sweden has always had good unemployment rates, it went from 1-3 after socialism (compared to their free market days, that sucks). New studies keep ranking their wealth lower then other countries and falling. It fails in Sweden, and in Europe, why would it work anywhere?

  • Capitalism is Superior

    Competition between private owners of production creates lower prices, greater efficiency, and improved quality. People are motivated to do their best when they see the results of their effort. Capitalism aligns the incentives, and people thus are motivated to work hard and overall help the economy. People have economic liberty. Socialism removes these incentives, if John works twice as hard for the commune, he doesn't see another dime. In Capitalism, John would benefit from his work.

    Capitalism has lifted far more people out of poverty, and raised standards of living higher than any other economic system. The evolutionary force of the market inspires innovation and ingenuity. Over time, this system ensures economic liberty, prosperity, and human progress.

  • Socialism just doesn't work.

    The socialists' need to wake up and realize that socialism is just a short step away from communism. In all of the countries that have or had socialism, it either isn't working or didn't work at all. There have always been violent revolutions in socialist countries too. You've never heard of a capitalist country having a violent revolution or anything close to it. WAKE UP.

  • Capitalism is better

    Capitalism is better that socialism because the premise of capitalism is that those that work hard get more than those that don't work hard. Socialism allows all to have the same regardless of how hard they work. Therefore, under socialism there is not incentive to work hard. Socialism, Communism, etc. all have a naive view that if they hope strongly enough, then human nature will change itself

  • Capitalism recognizes human nature, and justice.

    Humans are greedy. Capitalism, to my knowledge, is the only economic system that takes into account, and therefore checks, the propensity to take whatever one can get their hands on. Socialism, Communism, etc. all have a naive view that if they hope strongly enough, then human nature will change itself. The power given to the people/person running the government will attract ruthless psychopaths.

    Capitalism is also a more just system. As humans, we have two ideas of justice/equality. Equality of outcome, and equality of opportunity. One cannot have both, as we would have to give people different things to have the same outcome. To achieve equality of outcome(the goal of socialism), you would have to force some to work for the benefit of others, which is slavery, which I think we all agree is unjust. Capitalism (ideal capitalism), gives equality of opportunity, where everyone can work for himself, or if he chooses to, others.

    Socialism also can not create wealth. In capitalism, you are able to trade something for something you value more, as can the other person, thus creating a net gain of value. Socialism just moves it around, taking from those that create to those that do not.

  • Socialism eliminates the competition between small businesses

    If you want to have a successful economy, you need to have competition between small business. The redistribution of wealth, a key socialist idea, allows businesses to stay in operation, allowing for cheaply made products and a poor work ethic. This, in turn, eliminates the idea of business competition because of the fact that if a business is faltering, the government will take care of them. Without government protection, however, it results in better quality goods more readily bought by private citizens, and spending is good for the economy. Therefore, the idea that socialism is better for the economy that capitalism, which does support business competition, is absolutely preposterous.

  • Socialsim is an anchor on all people not a boost

    Simply put, if there is no incentive to excel no one will. While Capitalism has its flaws it creates wealth. Socialism will never create the total wealth possible in a capitalist system because it destroys production and growth incentives. Capitalism is just simply a pure system of creating wealth and opportunity for all people.

  • Socialism Requires Poverty

    In theory, socialism sounds like a great idea, but in practice socialism is just another form of crony capitalism. Socialism is the essence of serfdom, and it is not sustainable. Under socialism, every is forced into mediocrity. Capitalism provides an incentive for individuals to provide goods and services through private enterprises.

  • Economy is based off of competition, if everyone receives the same income there is no one to compete with.

    Now while I do not argue that communism sounds like a fair idea on paper with out the back-stabbing corporations we know and love today. No one would make an attempt at providing a better service because they would make the same as the next slacker. Its a proved failure, that's why you don't see many countries doing it anymore.

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