Is Societal Pressure to be Politically Correct Interfering With our Ability as Humans to Move Forward both Morally and Intellectually?

Asked by: Legendary_Houp
  • Whenever you have to add a modifier to a word, you are perverting that word's meaning.

    There is a reason people say "the politically correct thing to say is..." instead of "the correct thing to say is...". Politically correct is not the same thing as correct, hence having to modify it with the word politically. The origin of the word is that political correctness means that you have correctly aligned with what the government has deemed correct. For instance, in North Korea, it is not correct that Kim Jong Il was born on a mountain top due to a large thunderclap, but it is the politically correct belief. If something is correct, it's correct. If it's not, it's not. If something is politically correct, that doesn't mean it is correct. That's why they are not the same word. The same argument applies to social justice. There is actual justice, where people are treated as individuals and are punished/rewarded as an individual for their individual actions. Then there is social justice, where people are treated as groups and are punished/rewarded as groups for actions that other members of that group have done. That is why you have to modify the word justice with the word social, because you are changing the meaning of it.

  • Popular does not equal right.

    As a country (the U.S.), we must either make rules by majority or strike a balance between sides. This is to make laws as fair as they can be. The thing is, Both sides and everyone in the middle still have the right to think as they wish and have a right to their own opinion.
    To be politically correct removes the ability of people to have or form their own opinion. You must either bow to their collective will or be looked at with contempt. Some may choose this because it releases them from responsibility of making their own choice. After all, it is far easier to just follow than to think for yourself.
    Politically correct is not even the thoughts of the majority but just the opinions of those who are popular. This is why those who speak for the politically correct are usually actors/actresses instead of politician or others more suited for the role.
    In reality, politically correct is just a modern term for what is seen as popular must be right. That being the case, at one point, the slavery would have been politically correct in the south and antisemitism would have been politically correct in Europe. Just because it is a popular idea, does not make it right. You should decide for yourself instead.

  • Yes, it inhibits constructive criticism.

    As a society, we are surrounded by the need to be politically correct. Those who aren't are seen as close minded radicals who should be ousted from society (ironic right?). But certain ideologies are fundamentally flawed, and any attempt at trying to instruct and inform people in order that they may receive knowledge is considered insensitive and bigoted.

  • It is already hurting academia

    Some philosophers, like David Stove, and Harvard professors are being chased out of academia because their views don't fit in the "politically correct" category. Colleges are now well known to have a strong liberal bias and students report being afraid of expressing opposing views. And this is college, folks, this is the institution responsible for creating open-minded citizens. Political correctness will be the death of us, intellectually speaking.

  • Politically correct is a way to filter out stupid comments

    You are just looking for an excuse to be a bigot. Politically correct is only to make sure that people are not being racist etc. Certain terms are politically incorrect because UNDER OUR GOVERNMENT IT IS WRONG TO SAY SOMETHING THAT VILE. We still have free speech- we are just preventing people from being idiotic and rude to people.

  • People just say that when they want yo be bigots

    I have noticed that whenever people get made about the mythical "PC police" they just call the societal desire that they be decent to other people political correctness. Every once and a while it is a problem but not half as often as people say. Usually they are just mad that their bigoted statements are not socially acceptable. Its not like they are legally prevented from speaking, they just whine about people disagreeing or getting mad.

  • Political Correctness has nothing to do with Moral or Intellectual Integrity

    Social constructs rarely if ever define the morality of anything or the ethical value of any action; it is in fact society and social constructs that are defined by the two previous standards and therefore PC behavior is a by-product of moral demand versus the other way around.

    This furthermore needs to be expressed in relation to intellectualism. It is not an intellectual issue to not be able to fundamentally say whatever rude commentary you wish; being cautious with your words is not equivalent to being barred from actually furthering your understanding of things. Statements of fact for instance are rarely truly insensitive or bigoted.

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