Is society as we know it today, for lack of better words, screwed?

  • Political Correctness and Precious Snowflakes

    Growing up I never thought about race or gender or anything else. I observed the differences in myself and in others, but it did not mean anything. My words were never twisted and contorted when someone disagreed with me and they sure as hell did not label me as a sexist or racist or bigot just because my opinion was not the same as theirs. When I got to BCT I got my first crash course in our new reality when one of the females I was training with when on a Black Lives Matter rant. I stated that every life mattered and was labeled an ignorant racist. Even more so when I expressed my belief that they were not entitled to reparations or favorable treatment due to what happened over a century ago rather than merit. I asked if it would be acceptable if I demanded the same from the German girl I also trained with for what happened in World War II, but was told it is not the same. When I got to my unit I sat through EO briefs (something that never existed when my father and his father served), which essentially say that if it will "offend" someone, you cannot say it. Basically, yes, we have freedom of speech, but that freedom only applies so long as you are careful not to hurt someone's feelings. I have nothing against homosexuals and transgenders or anyone else for that matter. However, why are we being told that what they feel is more important than what is comfortable to us? Why is it acceptable for some people's freedom of speech to be restricted and labeling those with unpopular opinions and beliefs as ignorant racists or sexists, but for others to be able to parade around and stomp on and ruin innocent men and women's lives? Since when was having a differing opinion a bad thing. You see people piss and defecate and otherwise destroy the flag because it "offends" them. You see them protest the national anthem because they disagree. When did spitting in the faces of veterans and on the graves of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice become a heroic act in the eyes of society. Political correctness is complete and utter bullshit. These precious snowflakes that comprise today's generation need to grow the fuck up, put their big boy and girl pants on, and do something worthwhile to make tomorrow a better place. Not destroy it and wonder why the hell the world is so corrupt and whine about life not being fair. It will never be fair.

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