Is society becoming worse in terms of morals, ideas, and character?

Asked by: Gallader20
  • We've moved forward in some aspects, and backward in others.

    Now, I don't disagree that we've moved a great deal forward. Women are working towards equality with men, and people of colour towards equality with whites. Many states have significantly cut down on their use of the death penalty and torture; some even abolished them altogether. Prostitution and polygamy are now banned. That's all great. However, society is also moving backwards in many ways. Lack of attention to propriety is one. We've seen an increase in acceptance for abominations like premarital sex and public displays of affection, as well as soaring divorce rates. Some even have kids without getting married. Then there's hedonism. People are more concerned about pleasure than anything. Gluttony and lust are no longer regarded as immoral. By extension, we have consumerism. People are buying things to satisfy their wants without noticing how this destroys the environment and is completely pointless anyway. Then there's individualism. People are less and less concerned about others, and more about themselves. Some people move away and believe than sending back $3000 a month satisfies their filial duty. Some don't even keep in touch with their parents. The ways we've moved forward are all good... But the ways we've moved backward are at least equal in degree.

  • The world has always been like this

    It's only now that we have better communications to see all the kinds of depravity and craziness that has been going on for the entirety of civilized human history. Things like Isis, Nazis,nCukts, and others things have always done horrible things because people are in my opinion easily swayed to do evil and or wrong things.

  • I dont understand one instance of this

    We have womens rights movements, racial civil rights movements, more equality, less brutality, more logical sense in dealing with issues, a whole lot less with hunts, and less entertainment executions. All and all id say its probably better to live now than in any other time period in history and all were doing is omproving.

  • No no no.

    Pick up a history book and you will see the cruelties and ignorance of the past. Did you know circuses used to provide executions of humans as entertainment? People also used to be more racist and intolerant. The thing now is that people are becoming more nihilist, but is this wrong? Or is it freedom?

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