• Reality TV, Mass Murder, and Corruption

    A society in which reality TV is viewed more than the News
    A society that either does nothing or is not informed about the 70,000 deaths in Syria
    An American society, where the richest 10 percent of Americans control 75 percent of the wealth
    A society, in which 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes
    A society that is not appalled by the laws passed in the name of Homeland Security

    "People never think anything is anything really. I'm getting goddam sick of it." - Holden Caulfied

  • We are not perfect.

    We as humanity have many flaws. I cannot say it is just the government nor the people's fault, but entirely it's everyone's fault. We are all connected and always will be. In a sense, we have come a long way as the human species. Society will always crumble, and regain its footing.
    It is just a constant cycle of human's behavior, and actions that inevitably be determine by our choice - to take society by force via elitism. Or by free will via the people.

  • I don't believe that society as a whole is collapsing.

    There are certain aspects of society that are changing over time, but it is my opinion that society is evolving and not collapsing. The moral fiber of our country may be collapsing, as well as economic stability, but I don't think that those types of things are reason to assume that all society will collapse. As long as there are people living in a common place, there will always be a society. We may not be as successful as we were once in history, but we will continue on, nonetheless.

  • It's hard to say no

    There is oppression and blatant inequality in all facets of life these days. Where to begin... Massive deforestations, wars constantly raging ( many for corporate benefit rather than national defense ), constant expansion of infrastructure, debt that can never conceivably be repaid, encroaching and violent police forces ( as well as military ), and inflation that does not accurately reflect costs of living. In essence, we have everything we need to make things better, but it is not happening. I have no philosophical doctrine or manuscripts to back up what I am saying, but I do believe anyone who is at least looking for truth will see that our world society is on the brink of a drastic change that will change the course of a future that could be so bright and prosperous, and may even still be.

  • Just look around you

    Revolutions (some violent) all over the world, economic collapse, police states are easy to declare, power is rapidly shrinking into the hands of only the elite, the media distracts you from real issues, ever extending powers of the corrupted government, big bank bailouts, the list can go on an on. And the worst part about it: nobody seems to notice or care.

  • No one cares to put forth the effort

    We live in packs, whether in a metropolis, or a rural town. Yet we've lost the desire to implement the checks and balances of acceptance that keep us together. We have lost interest in raising our children, and aiding our elderly. We are a society of "me now". We no longer understand the power of ourselves as a group, and the force of change we can be. We will not positively progress, therefore we will stagnate and spoil, then dry up and drift away...

  • Marxist Ideology - Predicated the Collapse

    "Marxists believe that all of history can be interpreted as resolutions to contradictions emerging from the competing interests of people in different economic classes. These interpretations are rooted in dialectical analysis, a method originated by the idealist philosopher, George Hegel."

    Yes, capitalistic societies ruled by an elite wealthy class, the Plutocracy, which is comprised of top 1% of the wealthiest, are slowly collapsing.

    As the wealth gap between this 1% of the wealthiest and everyone else grows, tensions slowly grow until violence and rioting break out in the public squares. It usually starts with peaceful protesting. But, as unemployment goes up and the 99% have less and less. It eventually leads to a total collapse and a revolution by the workers and an overthrow of the wealthy. This is exactly what happened in Cuba, Russia, and China. Everyone thinks it can’t happen in America; but, it will happen here unless America changes dramatically.

    Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels predicted the collapse of capitalism and the formation of societies were wealth is shared by everyone in harmony in the Communist Manifesto.

  • Yes, it is

    I didn't used to think society was collapsing because we have more equality now and less violence. But the fact of the matter is that depression and suicide is at an all-time high. As are mental illnesses and sleeping issues. Along with obesity and less interaction with other people and much lower wages. I think we're suffering now, and it has to change.

  • Society is evolving, as it always has

    And, this terrifies those who are used to (or rely heavily upon) the status quo. A fear of social change is, indeed, the bedrock upon which conservative politics rests. In American history alone there have been people who, during every single minute of its existence, have predicted the soon and sudden collapse of all they hold dear. It will take an existential crisis to collapse society, not the piecemeal changes we see taking place. Those, indeed, are signs of a healthy and maturing society rather than one which is collapsing.

  • Society isn't COLLAPSING, exactly...

    My opinion is that society isn't collapsing, but it does need to be brought back from the brink as the world in my opinion is starting to go backwards, becoming more and more primeval as technology and advances becomes more advanced. Like now people have become far more distant and less social with the arrivals of "social" networks. I don't think anyone can think society is collapsing, or has collapsed, but I really don't think anyone can agree that it is not teetering, and someday, soon, it will collapse.

  • Society has always had some downpoints.

    People say that the world is going to end all the time, so why should society collapse now? In the medieval ages, you had beheadings and more poverty, plague and death then we have now. Sexism, racism and slavery were common and humans didn't care at ALL about the environment. Now, we've almost eradicated racism and sexism as a world wide thing (take for a few countries), we're beginning to realise that gays should be accepted and the environment should be cared for, and we have more cures for diseases then ever before. Oh, and slavery is also gone. So, no. Society is not collapsing. Sure, we have our issues- terrorist attacks, global warming, ebola... But what society doesn't? So no, society isn't collapsing. Its just a few half glass empty people who like to think as if the world is worse then it ever was before.

  • Change, not collapse

    Look at history. There's nothing new going on, nothing that hasn't been repeated time and time again. Society is changing, and whether it's for the better or the worse is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing is permanent. Socially conservative values have all manner of problems, as do socially progressive. The only constant is that people either dislike change or embrace it. Instead of pointing fingers, ask why someone is acting as they do, why that person, or that system, is set up as it is? What fears constructed that negativity? Why is it always about "or" rather than "and"? Why must we enact punitive or permissable measures, instead of turning to systemic reform as a whole? Why do we condemn methodology, without looking at the underlying root of the issues? Why don't we take the time to try to understand our enemies, and show them the compassion we show our friends? Want a better society? Then figure out your own values. No one can shame you for that. But be mindful about what you wish to institutionalize, and whether or not the potential for dehumanization is worth it. People will snarl, bark, fight, antagonize, blame all matter of factors when supposedly senseless things arise. And you know what? It's necessary. Nothing is perfect. But you need people booing just as much as you need people cheering, in order to make things happen. And in the end, society never truly collapses. It just changes, and always due to pressure, whether social, political, economic, whatever.

  • Society changing its eyes

    Society is not collapsing but changing its eyes to see maintain relationship. We are enough engaged in our business or in our job. Subsequently, have no time to interact with relatives or with friends. But we should thanks to technology that makes social media, phone, video calling, on which we can give some time to talk with all our loving people and can be shared some moment, update, happening in our life.

  • Society is not collapsing

    People like to act like the society is collapsing all of the time. It is purveyed in media all of the time with the movies about the world ending. The truth is that we are nowhere near a societal collapse, and if we were we would not be calmly talking about it online.

  • I just don't think so

    It takes a great deal for society to just collapse. Just because Society is dumbing down doesn't mean there are a great deal of people who still focus on what is important for supporting the United States. Societies have lasted for many centuries before ours the United States has barley been around.

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GWL-CPA says2014-02-02T04:58:01.907
America is being destroyed by the wealthy, the Plutocracy. More and more jobs are being outsourced and not one Congress Person is doing anything to stop it because they are in the back pocket of the wealthy. Everyone, except a few congressmen, are in it for the money or their friends with money.

All state governments and most city governments are corrupt.

Thomas Jefferson said it best when is said that a revolution is needed every so often because government gets too corrupt.

The real unemployment rate in the USA is around 18%, and more and more husbands and wives are working two jobs to stay even.

But, the wealthy folks are paying less taxes than anytime in the last 100 years. Total joke.

We need to be have year long strikes and start shutting down cities, airports, and railroads. All truck drivers need to stop delivering goods. All longshoremen need to stop unloading ships. We need to have a human wall around Congress in DC so now one can get anything done.

Power to the People!