• There's No Motivation

    No one has the motivation to research and study things for themselves. Instead they rely on someone or something else to simply give them the answers so they don't have to put any work into it. They believe what's being crammed down their throats whether it's from the media, other uneducated people, or the Internet. Fewer people understand the meaning of value and hard work and what it means to put forth the effort to better yourself so you can contribute better to society. Many people don't take the time to study more because of all the distractions nowadays. Also attention spans seems to be shorter so people are less willing to focus for longer periods of time.

  • Yes, yes it is.

    Have you seen, teens and adults? The so called trend, "Harlem Shaking"? If not, look it up. Society is getting dumber and dumber by the day. We have the annoying idiots saying "YOLO" and risking their lives, which is of no problem to me, but with endangering theirs, they endanger everyone around us with drunk driving and other stuff. Now, let's have the next trend to be "Thinking". -By Someone in School who knows better.

  • Laziness and slack of work

    Lots of people are becoming lazier by the days they live, either in school or work, or they just don't want to try at all, and just blame it all on the parents that they live with or other things in the world that are possible, without realizing that they are being lazy in actually trying to understand the work and the contents of the assessment that is being asked for, or otherwise, not even keeping their responsibility. It's also the parents fault, because they don't support their children in life, and just abuse them. The parents should at least give as much support into the children and give them good advice, instead of putting the child down in a bad way, then use them later for the rest of the childs life.

  • Yes, but only because we are becoming more specialized

    It would be easy to look at society today and assume people are less capable than in the past. However, this is simply a product of the incentives in our system. In the past, you had to know how to do many more things for your life to function as it should. Maybe you had to build your own home, or chop your own wood or whatever. Now, we typically specialize in one thing, our careers, and pay somebody else to do everything else. This results in many people who are good at one thing and bad at everything else. From the outside, this looks like society is getting dumber.

  • More accessibility to intelligence and knowledge

    Because society has such great access to knowledge that can be retrieved in a very efficient manner, society's knowledge and understanding of things is increasing. Look at the Flynn Effect and you can see intelligence is increasing as critical analysis of ideas, thoughts, etc. Are increasing because there is little need to regulate the things we think. We are freely allowed to analyze any piece of information out there. Data is practically infinite in a sense. People are always complaining that the younger generation isn't as intelligent as the few previous ones. Well, I'm a 17 year old and I can tell you that I believe teenagers my age are more active in learning and understanding things than ever before.

  • No, society is not getting dumber, but it is more specialized.

    By every objective measure-- test scores, high school graduation rates, college attendance, and average level of highest education, society is getting smarter. But perhaps what leads many people to think that society is regressing in intelligence is the fact that society is much more specialized in terms of its education, and less well-rounded. People study to do well on tests which measure particular areas of knowledge and skills, whereas people years ago tended to know a small amount about a wider and more diverse range of topics.

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Noswad63 says2013-04-16T20:29:51.560
We are too buisy teaching "school smarts" which is mostly pointless information only necessary for college than useless for rest of your life than actually teaching smarts and intelligence that would help in life for the schools standardized tests so they do well and get their money.