• Power, Privilege and above all Peace (3Ps)

    They control the rent of my apartment; they establish laws to govern me; they decide to deploy soldiers to Islamic nations and in turn to hurt the peace of the society I live in. Most of the politicians' knowledge is too shallow to understand the need of the people. They certainly fail!

  • Income, power, freedom

    Politicians are the leaders. They control the country's power, income and even the people. So, basing on that fact, they have to make the right choices by thinking of the people and not to save their private status. Today's wars and conflicts are mainly brought about by those who have power under their hands.

  • Yes it is!

    Society is made backward by politicians, but only by the backward politicians. If the politicians are forward-thinking and progressive, society will benefit and progress. I think this debate's question is too general. Sure, there are cases where societies have regressed due to their politicians (such as the USA with George W. Bush), but often times, societies progress because of their politicians (such as Canada with Tommy Douglas).

  • The below points will surely help someone in a debate competition.

    In a country like India politicians are the people who make the country backward. They are the ones who are held for corruption. This leaves the country poor and the development stagnates! :( Something has to be done. Indian politicians (a few of them) really do need some kind of education. They are mostly uneducated and maybe that's why this all is happening in our beautiful country. I love my country and hence concerned!

  • Here s what i think

    It is imperative that in a any apparent and ostensible democracy any individual politician is affected not merely by the party to which he belongs and his personal opinions but also by the society which has brought him to power. The society when in itself is incapable of moving progressively forward and discarding its previously upheld and quite rigid rules then it is probable that the politicians will be forced to settle for backward and unbecoming policies and backward decisions.
    It is only a few politicians who are inefficient and incompetent and hence give all the others a pretty bad name.
    Certain governmental policies are quite hindering but the majority of pending decisions remain pending due to lack of any pressure exerted by concerned social roups.G

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