• It helps to have responsible.

    It helps to learn earnestness, so earnestness improves when we have a character education. So, I think is society responsible for character education because of this arguments, and I believe it. Also, we can learn
    some good things that we have to learn in adults. It is just a study to be a adult.

  • Yes, character is built through society

    People are not born knowing good and bad. Children have to be taught right from wrong at a young age. Too often now, parents are giving children free rein, letting them do anything and everything they want. It is unfair to ask the world to deal with such unmannerly children. if the parents refuse to teach them society has to.

  • Society is responsible for character education

    Society is responsible for character education. This is because of the fact that in our cultures we are responsible to educate people on personal character as there is no other way to do it besides being self-taught. Being self-taught has proven to be a bad way to do things, as is the case of feral wolf children and such.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    I do believe that society is responsible for character education. It is up to society to educate people on all things, particularly on how they behave in public, among other things. I don't think people realize how important society and culture actually are, and it is detrimental to them in the long-run.

  • It is a parent's job.

    No, society is not responsible for character education, because good character is something that is the responsibility of the parent. Children usually are what their parents are. If the parent has a violence or anger issue, the parent will as well. Children can only absorb so much from their teachers.

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