• Yes, we need to be more loving.

    Yes, society is the major cause of gay teen suicide, because these teens do not feel accepted. This is not to say that we have to condone the behavior. Personally, I think the gay lifestyle is wrong. But gay people are humans and deserving of all the love and respect of everyone else.

  • Society typically bullies gay teens

    There is nothing at all wrong with being a gay teenager, however society tends to bully outsiders and those who are deemed to be weird. Unfortunately, gay teenagers are a prime target for this kind of bullying, and as a result society drives them to commit suicide. Gay acceptance is something that will take much time to integrate into the mind of each person.

  • Yes. Sexual Shame Can Cause Suicide

    When I was about 11, I started to realize my homosexuality. My friends would constantly shame me for it, reminding me that, at the time, I didn't have the same rights as straight people, and that it may be hard for me to find a girlfriend. They also outed me and called me a slut a year later. And I was kicked out of my advisory simply for being a lesbian. It was a living hell. I tried to kill myself at least 3 times. I'm better now, but I wasn't in good shape then, thanks to my peers.

  • They're not accepted

    It's not the only thing, but it's a big one! Teens are already trying to figure out who they are, and worrying about being if they will be accepted by family, friends, other students, and other adults, that's overwhelming. Suicide is not the answer, but if people don't have support, they might Choose that road to end their pain.

  • Yes, Gay teen die because of shame

    I feel like everyone must learn how to respect gay teens because a lot of them are hurting them self's and its not fair at all. If you have a friend that is gay support them please because their family is probably not taking it very well. Do it well

  • Yes, gay teens die because of shame imposed by others.

    We must learn to realize that being gay, especially for young men, is not a choice. It is who they are and how they were born. However, putting shame on them is going to drive them into feeling bad about themselves. If they do not have sufficient family and friend support, suicide is a likely outcome.

  • Suicide is a sad but selfish choice.

    It is influenced not by society though, society is a word that people use to explain a community. An entire society wouldn't cause the peoson to commit suicide. It I sometimes influenced by a few but that is it. More often it is influenced by surroundings and problems. Society is not the problem

  • Our choices are our own.

    Most suicides among gays and all other self-identified people can not be blamed by society. Suicide happens, sadly, to adolescents the most. It is not that it's because they're gay, but because they see themselves as different in someway. Being someone who never really fit in, I often felt suicidal. I never blamed society, I just thought it would be easier to end it once and for all. People naturally attack what they see is weakness and all you can do is realize that they're probably just as bad off as you. So if you ever feel like suicide is the answer, just remember, those jerks that think they have the right to judge you are likely just as unhappy as you are.

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