• Yes We Are

    I believe society is too dependent on new technologies. I hate to think what would happen if the power grid went down or we lost a major satellite. The planet could easily descend into chaos. I think we need to remember how to live without technology, so if this does happen, we don't have a huge problem on our hands.

  • It's all about having the newest smart phone.

    Yes, I think society is way too dependent on new technology these days, especially socially. Everyone can't wait to get to the store and stand in line for hours when the latest smart phone or tablet comes out. Then they run out and do it again as soon as a phone with a better camera comes out a few months later. Life would come to a standstill if we all lost Internet connectivity for an hour.

  • Yes Society is

    Yes there is barely any interaction at tables when you go to a restaurant anymore. The family is busy looking at their phones, texting, and facebooking or twittering on their phones. There is going to be a serious problem when people need to communicate face to face because even children are not learning how to communicate verbally only through texting, and photos.

  • They help us.

    No, society is not too dependent on new technologies these days, because technology is so helpful. We still know how to pick up a good book and head for the beach. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to use GPS to get there in the right way the first time.

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