• soda liquid poison

    Drinking soda not good for your health. The carbonation in soda strips the body of nutrients and minerals. The phosphoric acid in soda eats at the enamel on teeth. Coca Cola syrup carries a biohazard warning. You must wear gloves when handling Coca Cola syrup. Spilled Coca Cola syrup is cleaned up baking soda.

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  • No pop is not bad

    Pop is not bad for you as long as you drink water brush your teeth mouthwash and floss it isn't scientifically proven that pop is bad for your health teeth and body and as long as you drink more water it is not going to hurt your body or teeth

  • Not in small amounts!

    If you drink 1-3 sodas a day you'll probably be just fine, however be sure to brush your teeth and drink water after, as this can help to prevent cavities and rotting teeth.
    If you drink only a bit of soda, you will be fine, drink too much and boom- Cavities

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  • Not in Moderation

    Consuming a moderate amount of soda is not necessarily bad for anyone. Problems arise from drinking too much soda over period of time. When not used in moderation, soda can present health problems for people. But people need to exercise self control and if they do so, soda is not bad for their health.

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