• I believe softball is better because it is.

    I have really played baseball before but I have read the rules. I just want to say softball isn’t a “gay” sport, If you think getting hit with a bat or a hard ball is “gay” I would rethink you life. I understand everyone has an opinion but it hurts me - being a softball player- when people diss the sport saying it’s easy. I would like you to hit a home run! Squat for 2 hours consistently getting up and down or getting hit with a harder ball then a baseball. So I would rethink you decision on weather or not softball is “gay”

  • It doesn't require as much athleticism.

    In Softball the bases are closer, And so is the fence. It is much easier to hit a softball over the fence. When a 14 year old girl can hit a ball over the fence of a college softball field(keep in mind she is not big at all, In fact she is small), And a jacked 18 year old guy can not hit it over the fence of a baseball field there is something different. I'm not gonna say its easier to hit a softball. . . But it is. At least at the high school level very few girls have the power or technique to get the ball there as quick as a male baseball player can get it there. At the college and pro level its a different story but I believe that baseball is harder because hitting the ball and running the bases is harder at every level except for MAYBE college and pro.

  • It depends on which game you prefer playing.

    If you prefer paying softball then you might be inclined to say softball is best. Similarly, If you prefer playing baseball you might be inclined to say baseball is best. If like me, You don't play either game, You don't really have an honest objective opinion either way. Nonetheless it is fair to say that softball isn't necessarily better that baseball.

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