Is Solar Power an Economical Alternative to Conventional Energy?

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  • Solar power is an Economical Alternative to conventional energy

    Solar power is an Economical Alternative to conventional energy as it is a system which would be very cost effective once the basic infrastructure is created. It would provide quality, relatively clean energy source while being nearly zero maintenance for much of the life of the equipment. Solar power would create clean and cheap energy to many households while saving huge amounts of money in setup and maintenance.

  • Solar power advancements have finally made it a cheap source of energy

    When you consider the price of power, there are many variables. Coal and petroleum products have to be extracted, transported, refined, and transported again. All of this takes a great deal of energy. New solar technologies have put it on par as far as price, since you only have to make it once, and do a minor amount of maintenance afterwards. Why continue to tap world resources that can be used for other products, when the sun provides everything we could ever need?

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