Is solar power capable of becoming the world's future power supply?

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  • Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems will change even the skeptics minds.

    The stereotypical thinking of Solar Power is black and white. We either think Off-Grid systems for everyone individually or large solar stations feeding a national grid. Actually the reality is in-between with Grid-Tie systems that integrate the individual, the corporation and the institutions in one energy eco system.

    Few basics:

    "Grid-tied solar systems are connected to the electrical grid allowing power users to use solar energy as well as electricity from the grid. When there are no power users drawing electricity from the system, solar panels send produced excess back to the national grid. If the household or business is using electricity, but solar panels aren't producing sufficient amount of power (during cloudy weather and at night), the control charger will switch to using power from the grid automatically.

    Owners of a grid-tied solar systems are compensated (feed-in tariffs) for excess electricity sent back to the national grid. However, during grid power outages there will be also no electricity coming from a grid-tied solar system. This is general safety measure for employees who repair and maintain power lines not to come in contact with live electricity being fed from grid-tied solar systems.

    Off-grid solar systems are completely independent from the electrical grid. They contain greater number of solar panels and deep cycle batteries than grid-tied systems in order to produce electricity to 100% of all possible household or business needs. Initial investment for an off-grid system is slightly larger than that of a grid-tied system, however, the user will continue to have electricity available even during grid power outages or in remote areas where no grid power lines are available or proven to be unreliable.

    Off-grid systems can integrate other power sources in addition to the solar + battery backup, including wind turbines and generators as emergency solutions. This makes off-grid systems a robust uninterrupted power solution for rural agricultural businesses (farms), manufacturing facilities outside urban areas, as well as green companies and homes in large urban areas."


  • The future of power

    - Solar power panels are becoming cheaper and cheaper with time
    - Along with reduced cost, panels are becoming more efficient.
    - Depleted hydrocarbon reserves = higher prices, therefore lower cost solar panels will truly be the best option economically, not just from a green point of view.
    - Not dependant on weather. As long as the sun shines, it will always generate electricity (still highly efficient even on cloudy days)

  • Solar, Wind, etc

    Free Market will choose Renewable Energy. Unsubsidized Australian Renewables Cheaper Than Unsubsidized Coal, Gas. New wind farms can be supplied at a cost of $80 per megawatt hour. This compares favorably to $143 per megawatt hour for electricity from a new coal plant, and $116 per megawatt hour from a new baseload gas-fired power plant.

  • Artificial photosynthesis paired with Solar Power makes it all to viable.

    In the recent years we have developed a means of making solar panels viable with Artificial photosynthesis. What happens is high energy bonds are created through this process H2 and O2 bonds. This allows for storage which was one of the main arguments against solar panels in the past. On the plus side this makes it possible for homes with this setup to possibly make an at home gas pump. If you do the research on artificial photosynthesis you will see the possible energy output and you will be shocked. The process of artificial photosynthesis helps solve other problems in the world such as clean drinking water and obviously power. The setup to make this is cheap and easy. If you are intrigued by what you have read and want to know more I would recommend looking up Daniel G Nocera, he is the professor of energy at MIT.

    "Is solar power capable of becoming the world's future power supply?" This shouldn't even be a question the proper question should be how can we implement this into our society now. The reason for this can best be illustrated by the fact that one second of sunshine has more energy than what has been used throughout the course of human history. Currently we are using a finite resource of dead plant matter that is running out all to quickly. And to end this question of if its capable of being our new energy source one simply needs to do a little research on Dr Michio Kaku's depiction of Advanced extraterrestrials and how they would obtain energy (Hint) it involves the sun.

  • Solar energy uses

    Yes because there are solar panels which can be fitted in car which insense will reduced the consumption of fossil fuels.If solar panels are fitted on our house it can an alternative source of energy agasint electricity.Electricity is obtained by burning of coal and coal is getting depleted ,hence coal can be saved.

  • I think so

    I believe that solar power could become the worlds future power source. The sun puts off a lot of energy and could power the earth forever ( as long as it doesn't burn out), then were all doomed. It can be stored in a battery so at night when the sun isn't shining we still have access to the energy. I think that solar power is the answer for the worlds future energy needs.

  • Solar panels for life!

    Solar energy has been around for many years and has revolutionized energy. This is an amazing way for collecting energy. It is costly, but it would quickly repay itself for being such and excellent source of electricity. It could heat your house, convert energy from them into heat or it could run your fridge or stove. Either way solar is the way to go

  • Yes it can

    There is an infante amount of solar power out there, it just needs to be harnesed in the right way. We live in a world where technolegey is takeing huge leaps and bounds by the year, so therefore if we can get this right we could maybe have solar power, powering us for thousands of years.

  • Energy Density cannot be supplied by solar in a cost effective way.

    Electricity made by solar is more expensive. Converting electicity for mobile use is inefficient and triply expensive. The numbers just aren't there.

  • No, not as long as there are cloudy days.

    Solar power is a great idea, but clearly it cannot be relied on as a feasible source for constant energy. Since we cannot control the weather, solar panels and solar energy are only useful in limited scenarios, I believe. Maybe over time, there will be methods developed that will magnify the amount of solar energy that can be obtained and stored as usable power, but right now, I don't think we've found that capability.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Panel size and output

    Number of panels required to produce sufficient output takes up too much area. Output is variable on time of day, cloud cover, time of year and surface contamination. As there are no moving parts it makes it the easiest way of generating power, it just does not generate a sufficient amount to be practical to run a house or commercial enterprise.

  • No it can not become the world's future power supply.

    I think solar power is not capable of becoming the world's future power supply, because to use solar panels you have to live in a place that is sunny 24/7, and if there is bad weather then the natural disasters can ruin the solar panels that cost a lot of money. Some places could use solar power as a energy but not a lot of places, because if it is a cloudy day then it reduces the amount of energy produced and if you can't even see the, because of the weather then the solar panels are useless.

  • Solar would be an option

    But not the ultimate in future energy. Sure we are miles away from the breakthroughs that will make it cost effective, but even then many places around the world don't get nearly as much direct sunlight as others. Would people in Florida be paying for the solar power they provide for Michigan?

  • It's predictably unreliable, thus insufficient.

    Solar power is only generated during the day. It cannot generate power on cloudy days. If the panels are covered in snow or dust from desert storms, power generation falls off or stops. It can only provide power at night if excess is stored in batteries. If the solar power is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell, the energy can be released throughout the night - but this is also inefficient. Solar cells are too unreliable to meet human needs.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Supply and demand

    Solar panels may create enough energy on a small scale but have a limited lifespan, these units will then need to be replaced/recycled adding to a surplus of disposed units. Problem being that although they help in the short term a long term solution needs to be found. The balance between societies need for power and the 'solar' systems ability to provide the large amounts necessary will be a long way off if systems cannot be more efficiently productive with longer lifespans.

  • Look at calculators

    The basic point of solar is it's biggest weakness: any cloudy day, rainy day, or night ends it's usefulness. In schools we have to keep lights on so our cheap solar calculators work. There's at least an 8-12 hour period of day it's not getting anything and in my ara we haven't had a clear day in a while. Another fun fact: it's been documented they light birds on fire when there's a large field in a sunny day reflecting it around. It's just not efficient enough to do much for our ever expanding world.

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