Is solitary confinement an effective punishment?

Asked by: anthonyluvsband
  • CO’s need control mechanisms for the most violent inmates

    Without solitary confinement co’s would be subjected to more physical attacks breaking down one of the main purposes of corrections which is retribution. When violent behavior is not met with an effective deterrent, Inmates through cost-benefit analysis will physically attack other inmates or prison staff because the benefit of the attack outweighs the cost of punishment.

  • Until a better option is available.

    If the criminal is violent and causing risk to other people, put them in solitary. When it comes to others safety and well being vs the delicate mental state of a violent or unruly offender, I'm on the side of keep them locked away from others. That is until a better alternative is available, which there doesn't seem to be at this time.

  • Punishments are meant to Punish

    At this stage of punishment, these crooks are never meant to reenter society. They may be dealt with any punishment that is not cruel and unusual, but may go with either or. They should have to be kept from all others for valid reasons, and thus it is valid, in conclusion.

  • It only makes the problem worse

    What Solitary confinement does is take mentally unstable and dangerous people and slowly erode whatever sanity they have left. Studies have shown that extended isolation leads to depression, Loss of self-control, Lethargy, Apathy, And often suicidal thoughts and self-harmful actions. It is not enforcement, It is torture; it is barbaric.

  • No it is not

    It is not constitutional, the UN considers it torture WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED!!!!!!!!! AFTER 15 DAYS OF SOLITARY CONFINEMENT IT IS TORTURE
    you cont think straight there's nothing to do except go madly insane. If you try to commit suicide you get more time in solitary. Its completely inhumane. If you get released you just get extremely confused.

  • It does not reduce crime nor rehabilitates

    Solitary confinement is mentally damaging. I've watched interviews of inmates formerly put into solitary confinement and it just sounds like a horror movie.

    People have gone completely insane from solitary confinement. This type of punishment is torturous, making it unconstitutional due to our 8th amendment. Solitary confinement does not reduce prison violence, and doesn't reduce violent crime rates at all.

    Solitary confinement is now used as punishment for those who simply break prison rules, such as using profanity. It's not just used for violent criminals now. Some of these criminals in solitary are just arrested for drug charges; how stupid is that? But that's a whole other topic.

    When inmates finally get released, they are mentally ill and almost insane and have no way to conform to society. This can leave them homeless and actually deprives ourselves of a potential income taxpayer.

    Lastly, solitary takes up more space in prisons and costs more. It costs our taxes $120 a day in solitary while a general cell with one or two more people costs $70 a day. Abolishing solitary confinement can take the weight off our tax money. Since solitary confinement only has one person per cell, this takes up more space. If you're seriously worried about prison overcrowding, be concerned about solitary confinement.

  • It is too dangerous

    Solitary confinement for a few hours is fine. But for days, weeks or even months on end it is very psychologically damaging.

    Many people have actually gone totally insane as a result of being placed in solitary confinement. A punishment is meant to deter someone from doing the wrong thing again. If they go insane it's not going to be much of a deterrent.

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