• Everyone is worthy of a vote.

    Everyone is worthy of a vote. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, if you even consider it a mistake. There may have been reasons they weren't faithful, but either way it doesn't matter. What someone does in their private/personal life has nothing to do with them having a vote.

  • Politics are not pure.

    Yes, someone who admitted to committing marital infidelity is worthy of a vote. I don't know why we keep on insisting on some standard of purity from our politicians. They're never going to meet it. It's time to accept that the business of government is sleazy, and attracts sleazy individuals.

  • Yes they are.

    Someone who admitted to committing marital infidelity is worthy of a vote. Just because someone is not faithful in their marriage does not mean that they will not be a good politician. It is actually better because they came out and told the truth instead of trying to hide it.

  • It doesn't affect voting ability.

    Yes, someone who admitting to committing marital infidelity is worthy of a vote, because cheating on a spouse and having good judgment to pick a political candidate are not related things. If we banned everyone from voting who has ever been dishonest, there would be no one left to vote, let alone run for office.

  • Yes, sometimes they are worthy.

    I would rather not see someone, especially a man, get elected if he is currently having an affair outside of his marriage. But the worst thing is when he is hypocritical about it. He should not be speaking for his version of "family values" if he is being underhanded; in that case he is not worthy of a vote.

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