Is someone who has a PhD in trollology always right?

Asked by: Ethan14
  • Yes! Absolutely, Trollers with Ph.D are always right even I have some of the deadliest PhD trollers.(like Zakir naik on youtube) and they're always right?

    They are always right because they are normally very intelligent species . And if he have done masters in religion then, he can be nominated to be a president of a country. Country needs a right decision maker and someone with PhD trolling" would be perfect fit. I request all the university in the world to start "trolling" course so that we can have better future with more and more very intelligent peoples.

  • Of course not!

    Trollology isn't even a real degree people can get. It is just something Occisionis says to get people to believe him and be a troll on debate.Org. Even someone who has an actual PhD wouldn't always be correct in what they say or believe. Someone who claims to have a PhD in Trollology is most likely going to be incorrect almost everything they say on the internet.

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