• I love the parts.

    I can see every sonic characters fun time parts. They wear no pants and this is a huge turn on for me. Sonic dong, tails dong, knuckles dong, but not egg man... He wears pants like Mario. Mario sucks because he is no dong. He wears pants and since he is a plumber he fixes the canals of others dong. Dong is my favorite thing so sonic is for me.

  • Sonic is a lot more vibrant in Music and Story

    In most newer games, Sonic has not only saved the Universe, but also Space and Time itself, he's battled with gods, restored the planet when it shattered, and even after all that, doesn't care about fame, he just goes off, wherever the wind blows, to find another adventure. What I like most about him was his core story in the classics, how he protected the environment from Eggman. Of course now his new stories, while most involve Eggman as the main villain change it so he isn't the main antagonist, or an unexpected turn of events makes him join Sonic, and Adventure he lost control of Chaos and in Adventure 2, he helps defeat Biolizard, and in Heroes he was never the villain, it was Metal Sonic who disguised himself.

    As for his Music, it's quite different, For awhile they did some Metal, the most famous being Crush 40, with Open your Heart, Live and Learn and Sonic Heroes, it has become a staple in Sonic the Hedgehog, in Sonic '06, while gameplay was faulty (to say the very least) it had an incredible soundtrack, sort of orchestral with some rock in it.

    What Mario does is respectable, save's the princess, saves the kingdom, and they twist it sometimes, Luigi's Mansion was interesting take and Wario spinoffs have done well, but not much else happens. The Music is without a doubt memorable, but, well I don't have much else to say, if anyone has any rebuttals or anything to debate feel free.

  • Of course he is

    Just play sonics gamecube games and you will see why we sonic fans love his franchise so much. As far as anything goes beyond that with the exception of generations is the reason they're struggling. However no matter what I will always choose sonic over mario even though both of them are struggling

  • I believe he is.

    I grew up with Nintendo but Mario quickly got boring due to the same game over and over and over. However sonic kept throwing things at us (good or bad) I will probably be a sonic fan for a long time. However for nintendo not so much, all they do is keep releasing new consoles with the same games-New super Mario bros.

  • Sonic is not a Terrorist, He's a Hedgehog

    Sonic is a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are always naked, unless it's a pet hedgehog dressed up on purpose. Also, that major corporation, is trying to destroy wildlife. What kind of wildlife conservation company has airfleets, factories, and high-tech weaponry.

    His chaos emeralds, turn him into golden sonic, in order to defeat a robotic version of himself which is too powerful to beat while normal sonic.

    Mario saves a princess, not anything else. I highly doubt the word "Terrorist" even came into the gamemakers mind at sonic or mario.

    Sociopath, eh? Sonic the Hedgehog cries, and laughs.

    How does mario react when the love of his life is captured and tortured. In a happy tone, not upset "Let's Go", who is excited when your wife is killed, not a bad housewive, but a near and dear one? No one except sociopath's

  • Sonic is a dumb hedgehog, and mario is an awesome plumber.

    Let's look at sonic. He's a nudist hedgehog who intrudes in major corporations when they try to conserve wildlife. He also activates chaos emeralds, even though we don't know what they even do. He's a menace.

    Now mario. He's just a plumber. A plumber who does plumbing stuff. But, when his country is attacked by taliban turtles, he jumps in. He saves all the government workers, as well as his own countries leader. He isn't paid that much either, he does it for pocket change. And his brother also serves part time as a ghostbuster. The two of them have saved countless lives, and do it for little more than some parking money. And is he cruel to the people he defeats? No. He goes go-carting with them during their sentence. He's the kindest of us all.

    Sonic is a terrorist sociopath with no knowledge beyond his own mind, and mario is a selfless plumber who risks it all for queen and country.

  • They miiigghghhhhht be equally cool, but sonic is NOT better

    Reason 1: Sonic 06' Reason 2: Mario saved the universe... MULTIPLE TIMES! Bonus: Sonic is a really good guy in sonic says... Reason 4: Luigi > Tails Reason 5: Sonic Fan base= lots of annoying stuff but a little good sometimes Reason 6: Mario came before Sonic. Don't get me wrong, Sonic is cool, but not better than Mario. I'm not saying Mario is better, either.

  • Sorry, but I side with Nintendo.

    I love Sonic, but I have to say that Mario is better because I pretty much grew up with Mario games. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but I feel as if Mario has more aspects that are better. I'm just going to say that it would be awesome if Mario and Sonic ever became a team.

  • Mario is a classic

    You can't beat a classic. All his games are fun, a lot of spinoffs, and everyone knows him, along with his other characters. After Sonic, there's not much. I know Shadow, Egghead, and Tails, that's it. But for Mario, there's Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi, Peach, and I can even name a few enemies. Mario is better known, and is cooler than sonic

    Posted by: MZ

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