Is Sonic Generations better than Sonic Adventure 2?

Asked by: awesomness890
  • Generations is better

    SA2's shooting levels was bad and boring.The treasure hunting levels were annoying. Speed gameplay was great although the controls were half broken.Chao garden is just a huge timewaster.Generations did not have any boring gameplay.Almost everything included in it was enjoyable unlike SA2.The controls are good .The GRAPHICS are beautiful,but the story was an excuse for showing all the past stages.

  • Way better than SA2!!!

    Generations does so many things better! I know some people here say SA2 is better due to more play styles, but that doesn't mean sh*t when only 1 gameplay style is great (but even that gameplay everyone loves can get boring sometimes). And for chao garden, I couldn't care less for it. Unlike SA2 where I liked only Sonic and Shadow's gameplay, I really liked both gameplay styles in Fenerations.

  • I believe it is

    Sonic adventure 2 is quite an overrated game. The fact is, most of us only come back to it for the sonic and shadow levels and maybe the chao garden and people ignore that that's only a third of the game. I absolutely hated the shooting and treasure hunting levels. Generations actually is fun in every aspect.

  • Yes it is

    I think whenever a video game franchise is going to launch a game after their prequel then it more than likely will be better in so many ways for so many reasons and in fact if it is not than it would be a failure. I think the sonic franchise as whole is very experienced on that concept.

  • Yes Generations is way better

    Sonic adventure sucks because the only good part of the game is where you play as sonic and run around, and even in those parts the controls arent great. The knuckles and tails parts are not fun. Sonic generations takes the best part of the other games and makes it better

  • It does have a better feel to me.

    Sonic Generations gave Sonic fans a chance to play as Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic in a single game. Sonic Adventure 2 was a great game, don't get me wrong, but Generations just gave me that feeling of being young again. The only classic sonic game I haven't played is Sonic 3 and Knuckles. And Generations has some great stages. Modern Sonic's truck chase starts out normal, but then it's quickly ramped up to 11. The truck now has weapons and tries to kill sonic, and you'll be freaking out.

  • What is sonic?

    I want to play a sonic game, but I just can't get over it... What the H*ll is sonic supposed to be anyway? I can't tell. Is it supposed to be a liberal? Liberals scare me. I don't want to play a game where the protagonist is a dirty liberal.

  • Sonic generations was nowhere near as good as sonic adventure 2

    In sonic generations; sonic was the only playable character but in sonic adventure 2 you could play as sonic, tails, knuckles, shadow, eggman, and rouge. The game had 2 different story lines focusing on both the heroes and the villains. Each side had one character for each of the 3 game-play styles. Sonic generations had only 2 game-play styles for different versions of the same character and the 2 stiles are very similar: the game-play of the original classic games and of the more modern games. Also the hand-held version of sonic generations put the water palace act from sonic rush and the egg emperor boss from sonic heroes in the modern era but in fact they are both from dreamcast era games.

  • Not as epic.

    Sonic Generations is a great game, but it is lacking some of the moment to moment stuff that Sonic Adventure 2 had. The opening to Sonics story alone in 2 was better that anything that occurred in Generations. Not for lack of trying on Generations part though. The people who made that game got rid of all the stuff I didn't like (knuckles rap songs), but just missed the mark on epicness. It's such a close contest that deciding was hard as hell, but I'm giving the edge to Sonic Adventure 2.

  • Sa2 is a more expansive anniversary title

    Sonic adventure 2 had good voice acting ,multiple characters, good story, and fun gameplay. It was also was a more expansive anniversary title. But generations lacked what adv.2 had(except the voice acting it was okay)to make it a memorable anniversary title. It had no multiple playable characters and a memorable story. The gameplay was good, but it later becomes to easy. To elaborate, the concept of 2d classic and 3d modern gameplay was good, but it has problems. The "boost to win" formula was fun at first, but it makes the game too easy. The classic gameplay physics is not exactly like the original gen. Games such as when you roll down a hill you do not gain momentum or any speed. Overall I think sa2 is a better anniversary title

  • Never will it be.

    The thing is that, while Generations is newer and has a mildly entertaining gimmick, SA2 is far superior. While yes, SA2's voice acting is terrible, and its cutscenes are mediocre at absolute best, it has one thing that Generations failed to include that makes it a glorious timewaster. The almighty Chao Garden. I spent more time screwing around with the Chao than I spent playing most other games total.

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