Is Sonic the greatest video game character of all time?

  • Yes, he exactly is.

    Sonic is my favorite game based superhero. He's the sweetest, caring,
    handsome, and a perfect gentleman. A true hero, he calls upon his skills
    to save the world from Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. Sonic is well known
    for his legendary cocky attitude, easy-going demeanor and somewhat
    temper, yet strong sense of justice, compassion, heart of gold and love for freedom and adventure. He's the fastest thing alive.

  • He's pretty close.

    I don't know if I think that Sonic is the absolute greatest character of all time, but I definitely think that he was the best video game mascot. I owned an NES and a Genesis as a child and I always much prefered him over Mario. I thought the games were better too.

  • Yes he is

    Sonic was called first and foremost a legend of gaming and is one of the two and only characters (game characters) to be more famous than Mickey, he also won polls of popularity against Mario and has lot of iconic games as well. Nowdays he is not as popular as he was in the 90s but he is still one of gaming's biggest icons.

  • Sonic is better than mario

    Sonic may have had a bad decade but sonic colours, sonic 4, sonic generations, sonic racing, racing transformed, sonic jump and sonic dash have all been very well made games he won in the 2001 msn poll as most popular character against mario. Sonics legacy is growing strong at 22years.

  • Yes, he is the greatest

    Though he isn't relevant today, Sonic introduced equal parts attitude and technological progress to the video game wars of the eighties and nineties. In a time where the de-facto standard of Mario was safe and friendly, Sonic had an edge. For all the talk about Blast Processing (the technology behind the Sonic games) being bunk, the Genesis etc. all were certainly able to render levels faster, as well.

  • It's all about opinion

    Everyone has a favorite character in gaming, mine is cooker the squirrel, but due to popularity. Mario is the most iconic character in gaming. It is proven that Mario is a more iconic than Sonic. Sonic is still a great character, but I am sorry to say that. It's true and people need to know.

  • No, far from it

    Although this is subjective, there are plenty of video game characters who are much more well known and recognized, such as the characters in the Mario franchise. I would vote for a character in one of Bioware's games or the Skyrim main character, myself, as being a greater video game character than Sonic.

  • Sonic is Good but not Great

    Sonic is not the greatest video game character of all time. There are so many more characters with cooler abilities and so many games that were just plain more popular. Mario will probably go down as the greatest video game character of all time, because he is loved by everyone and has started one of the biggest game franchises ever.

  • He Is Not The Greatest

    Sonic is not the greatest video game character of all time. He is a great character that was a symbol of Sega for many years, but he is not the best. That title belongs to Mario. Mario is the most known and popular video game character of all time. There are a lot of classic Mario games too.

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