• Soni is the man!

    Soni has given new life to the " american way ". Showcasing what he does recently has shed new light to the opportunity immigrants have and take full advantage of. Immigrants are amongst the hardest workers in this country. They appreciate what they have now, which is something most American borns do not.

  • Yes, Soni's work ethic is the norm

    Yes, Soni's work ethic is the norm for immigrants. The work ethic put in by Soni is what you would expect from all immigrants to the country. Soni's work ethic is what has been demonstrated by a number of different immigrants across the nation and could easily be considered to be the normal work ethic for immigrants.

  • Yes, Soni's work ethic is exemplary of Chicagoland first-generation immigrants.

    In the Chicagoland area there is a long and well-articulated past of immigrants leaving their mark to better working conditions and quality of life. Soni's work is as inspiring and idealistic as it is morally imperative. As a young man of the world he designed his own major at University, employing his family's history and immigrant trials as evidentiary source-material to leave his mark on the broad spectrum that is work ethic and advocating for others. Such contributions to the community are reminiscent of Katherine MacKinnon's and Dorothy Allison's work, Sandra Cisneros, Lordes Torres and Ann Russo, and many a Chicagoland advocate for disenfranchised communities.

  • No, immigration is a very complicated issue.

    Just because someone with a strong work ethic was able to immigrate and find success does not mean that approach can be replicated for every person. Mind sets and cultures play a huge role in the course of action people should take when comming up with the proper career path.

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