• Yes, Of course it is.

    Yes, Of course it is. I don't think there is anything really wrong with that either. I think sons of anarchy really captures allot of things that guys really like. I love the show and i think they do a good job of really keeping you interesting throughout each season that it is on.

  • Yes, 'Sons of Anarchy' is 'a soap opera geared toward guys'?

    Yes, while 'Sons of Anarchy' is presented with a much different setting and tone than the average soap opera, the show bears much similarity in its themes and storyline. Tonally, the show is very masculine. Each episode is filled with action, violence, motorcycles and gang drama. Its plot, however, revolves around families, romantic relationships, scandal, moral conflicts and high drama—a mix you could easily find on any daytime television program.

  • "sons of Anarchy"

    Yes I do think that it is a soap opera geared towards the male watchers and viewers. My boyfriend really enjoyed watching the show and even wanted me to watch it with him. It is definitely appealing to men and even sometimes appealing to women. I watched it and it did have the feel of a soap opera.

  • Sons of Anarchy is Masculine

    Sons of Anarchy is a masculine show. It is geared towards men. And that is good because men need to have TV that is made for them. When you think of it, most TV shows are aimed at women, even reality TV is somewhat aimed at women because it centers around gossip and relationships.

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