• Yes Sony is past its prime as an innovator in the electronics business.

    Once a powerhouse in the world of electronics Sony has fallen by the wayside. It started with Sony's failure to compete with Apples' iPod in the world of MP3 players. They failed to forecast the success of the digital age, instead depending on CD to be the driving media force. On the electronics they falled to see the computer as a consumer product instead aiming at the high end users, instead of the mass market users.

  • Yes. Sony is past its prime

    Sony has been making quality products for decades. It has been a popular brand that customers have been able to stand behind and continue to buy Sony products. In the past 10 years, several reputable trustworthy comapanies have really made a name for themselves in the electronics industry pushing Sony out of the top spot. Sony seems to have fallen out of the market in some aspects and is forced to only focus on a few things rather than be the well rounded company it used to be.

  • Yes, Sony Is No Longer Innovator

    Sony is long past its prime. Gone are the days of Walkmans, DVD players and physical products. The world has gone digital, but tone deaf leadership has made the company fall behind the curb. It's digital e-reader was a disaster because it missed one key component people wanted in their new technology, wireless access. Sony failed to foresee the importance of the Internet and digitization in the Information Age.

  • They make good stuff.

    No, Sony is not past its prime, because they still have a recognizable brand, and I still like their products. They are priced at a good point - they make quality products but they are still affordable enough for the general population. Sony is not past its prime, because they are trying to reach new markets and expand their product line.

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