Is South African runner Oscar Pistorius telling the truth about his girlfriend's death?

  • Recently watched 4 part documentary-Pistorius

    I don't think it was proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty. With the level of violent crime in South Africa, What would your state of mind be if you heard a noise/thought you had an intruder? Who can say how they would react in that situation? You do think that you would check if your partner was awake and aware of what you were going to do but I myself have got up and investigated a noise without waking my husband!
    What was his motive? It's a massive step to say having an argument with a partner and then getting a gun to shoot them. If he did call out to Reeva to call the police, She may have locked the bathroom door in fright? I understand they weren't living together as such, If they were not getting along, Would she have even been staying the night?
    If there was an option here to say 'don't know' and not just 'yes' or 'no', I would chosen that!
    I thought I was adamant in thinking he had murdered Reeva intentionally but after watching the documentary, I am just not sure. In any event, She lost her life which is a tragedy and heartbreaking for her family. RIP Reeva.

  • He's disabled and vulnerable

    I can understanding getting more 'spooked' by a potential intruder with Oscar's disability, I think he was careless regardless, and cost a young woman her life because of it. Sure, manslaughter is fine, but I have never believed he is a murder. South Africa is more dangerous than where most people who think he is guilty are from. It's easier to assume an intruder is not only armed, but willing to fire back.

  • Why throw away everything he has worked hard for in his life

    I thnk he is telling the truth. Now i dont know wether this is due to the fact that i am quite emotional of a person. However, above all i believe with all my heart that his emotions, reactions, story, expressions, everything is downright sincere to the core! Why would he throw his life away to murder his girlfriend over whatever reason?! He is not a violent man. There is nothing to show that he is a murderous man! Why would you chuck it all away and put yourself through trials and trials for weeks and weeks. If he knew the way this would have panned out then nobody in their right mind , especially as famous as he was, would do such a thing on purpose. I beleive that if he had intended to murder his girlfriend there would have been many better and descreet ways in which he could have planned this! Here i end my argument

  • Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction

    States case seems to be based on circumstantial evidence (inconclusive). Unfortunately, the case has been marred by media hype and blurred fact reporting i.e. he hit her with a bat etc. which was found to be untrue through forensic evidence given and autopsy. Some are ensuring they get their 'pound of flesh'. One of the bigger issues that is being 'swept under the carpet' is crime in South Africa (denial, keeping up appearances for the outside world). On top of everything else his disability. Yes, to the outside world he may have been the 'blade runner' and seen as 'normal'; but behind the scenes, we don't see the vulnerability he lives with. No two humans react the same to a stressful situation, 'I would have done this, I would have done that'. Hindsight is always a perfect sight. Whatever the outcome, may it be based on facts and not fabrications from both sides.

  • Yes the tragic truth.

    No evidence of any motive huge chunk of the prosecutions case missing right there in my opinion.I also find it implausible that if it was an intense argument taking place that a fully abled ,quite tall woman wouldn't have much of a problem making her way past a man on stumps and out the front door,I also feel if she was that terrified she would have set off the house alarm as opposed to hiding in the bathroom ,the next door neighbors heard one person screaming and that was oscar ,the woman screaming was heard by prosecution witnesses living a football field or so away,so yeah I'm inclined to listen more to the next door neighbors accounts ,those are just a handful of reasons I believe the defense account,common sense ,a witch hunt unfortunately will not bring Reeva back and if this was a tragic accident I think she would not approve either .

  • Innocent till proven guilty

    All Lawyers are trained to twist the evidence to suite their version of events, I would like to know why the state never called the neighbors who live right next door to him. It seems to me they have chosen evidence to fit in with their version of events, the court and public are entitled to here all the evidence. We are full bodied people we could not possibly understand his reasoning while not having his prosthesis on! I will wait till all the evidence is in ( innocent till proven guilty).

  • Fear makes you do irrational things

    I've been in a similar situation and I know you don't react the way you think you might when you are scared. Esp. If you have a history of encounters where your life was at risk. People in SA need to be on edge to survive with what can happen.

  • Yes, he is telling the truth.

    If he was guilty, he would be quieter and deliver a fabricated story using the exact expressions all the time. A lie would be much smoother.
    But above all there was no motive. Why would he throw away his career and his life? We all have tempers, we all have arguments in our relationships, that does not mean we are going to kill somebody.

  • Both stories are possible

    If you look at a person with a negative view to start off with you will pick at every single thing to prove they are wrong. If you look at both stories as plausible and then listen to all the possibilities and the evidence you will get a better understanding of what might have happened. What if he IS telling the truth - and I say this because I cannot fathom why a tall girl would run away from a boyfriend on stumps - why didn't she just run downstairs and out the door. I just can't fathom how he'd shoot her in cold blood out of such rage after only being with her for 4 months!!!! No - I say let the evidence come out and let's see what happens. I've been on a position where I've told the truth and my explanation sounded wrong and I'm sure people thought I was lying - when I wasn't - and also someone lied blatantly about me in front of my face and all I kept wishing was that there was CCTV so I could prove it! If love to know what the actually reason was IF he did do it in rage! What were her messages or calls on her phone? I just see that both sides of stories could be true so it's a case of elimination! Let's see what the Prosecution finds and then make up our minds afterwards! Do into others as you would have done to you. Of course I care about Reeva but this is about whether he did or didn't kill her as he said (accidentally). And coming from that standpoint one has to just hear it out. The judge in this case is good! She will make the right decision.

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    I believe it is wrong for people to put their opinion out about matters they probably don't have all the information about. In this case we have Oscar Pistorius currently going through his trial. I believe it is best to assume a person innocent until proven guilty. If he was indeed involved with wrong doing the evidence will have to show the facts to the jury, as they are the people who will make the decision, after receiving all of the information.

  • A valentine's day murder

    I think he found about her secret relation with someone or surprises her talking to a man hiding in toilets ... Scorpio man are very jealous and I know very well their reaction! ... They were arguing about this probably and he lost his mind ( maybe she was defending a male friend or an ex) and tried to take revenge then made shots to the door directly ( not thinking that this will kill her) because he lost equilibrium ( as he hadn't his stumps)... I think this is the truth! Nora from morocco ( excuse my english)

  • A valentine's day murder

    I think he found about her secret relation with someone or surprises her talking to a man hiding in toilets ... Scorpio man are very jealous and I know very well their reaction! ... They were arguing about this probably and he lost his mind ( maybe she was defending a male friend or an ex) and tried to take revenge then made shots to the door directly ( not thinking that this will kill her) because he lost equilibrium ( as he hadn't his stumps)... I think this is the truth! Nora from morocco ( excuse my english)

  • Cold blooded murder

    If was in bed with my wife and I so say awoke to hear sounds of an intruder, I would wake her, tell her my plan of action to my intentions and that she must be prepared what could happen! You would also shout and give a warning to the supposed person the other side of door just in case it was your beloved and not an intruder..... Unless your intention was to kill no matter what!
    Total unbeliever ...Guilty of murder 😡

  • I think he is a seriously emotionally flawed man who gave way to his rage and jealousy.

    It is likely he hadn't intentionally set out to murder Reeva. However it is plausible that he lost control of his emotions and went into an uncontrollable jealous rage and shot her dead in that state.

    It was reported he had had a melt down with another Athlete not long before the incident and had fired a gun in public without due concern. The contradictions in his character are very much in keeping with individuals who can be likable and warm to the outside world but their deeply flawed character mean they are poorly developed emotionally and give way to violent rages particularly under pressure especially within intimate relationships.

    I'm sure once released from the grip of his rage he was deeply disturbed by what he had done and in order to preserve his fragile psychological state will have convinced himself of his innocence. These are very plausible individuals and hard to uncover.

    The thing is if this is the case he will do it again unless he receives help and admits the truth to himself at least.

  • We are only human, blessed is the true judge

    In my family, we believe that it is beneficial for one's soul to look at the face (picture/footage) of a holy person. It can inspire one to do more acts of goodness and kindness, as well as give you strength by beholding of a person more closely connected to the Divine. And to divide, we do not gaze upon the face of a not good person, as we believe this is not good for your soul. My first instinct when reading about his trial, was to take my hand, cover his face in the photos, and read the article.

  • No I believe he killed RS.

    He is a ruthless hunter, a egocentric dangerous man who's indulgence of power and fame molded him into a control freak and unstable bully. I am not buying the story, why did he not call ou...I am sure Reeva did when she was screaming for her life in terrible pain, fear and terror. OP deserves to go to jail if he has intentionally taken Reevas life, he has broken the most sacred of divine laws...And possibly lied too, I hope he takes responsibility and helps the family to find peace.. I feel so much for the family of sweet Reeva, such pain and loss, of course OP family also although I guess they have seen his true side more than once and do not want to even face the fact of what he had done. I pray justice is done and ALL things are examined...God bless you Reeva and peace be with you and your loved ones..

  • Getting up in the night to pee / what you think when you hear a noise

    I get up at least 3 times nightly to pee or because the cat wakes me. (I don't especially mind and I have no trouble getting back to sleep).

    I have never not known if my girlfriend was in the bed at the time. Both my house and hers have great fitted blinds that allow 0% of light to pass through, therefore we always sleep in total darkness.

    We don't live in South Africa and crime is not so prevalent. Nevertheless, I did wake up once because I thought I heard something or somebody in the house. My natural reaction was to check with my girlfriend. She told me I was crazy and to go back to sleep. However, I'm sure I would have confronted it/the person (maybe that's a reaction all males have) but I checked with her first.

    Pistorious claimed that he went outside to bring some fans in from the balcony. In this time, Reeva went to the bathroom. That's crazy. What he's saying is that;
    1) He heard (or thought he heard) somebody
    2) He went out to the balcony to fetch in some fans. You can't have an untidy balcony! That's so important!
    3) He still didn't see that Reeva was missing from the bedroom.
    4) The bathroom window made a noise.
    5) It must have been an intruder who surely was armed, highly dangerous and hiding in the locked toilet cubicle. The best and most logical thing to do was to shoot it 4 times.

    It's a crazy account. It's unfathomable.

  • No way, he is making stuff up

    He clearly is making stuff as he goes along. To me it looks like a well fabricated story which his lawyers came up with and now since it is a fabrication he is not able to keep up with it. You don't forget things at least as to what was going on in your mind. He thought the door was slammed shut. It was either kicked shut or slammed shut. This thought should have been INGRAINED in him because that was the moment before he opened fire. Then he goes on to say "I NEVER EVER SAID KICKED". And then says "yeah i made a mistake and I apologized" as if it is not that big a deal....

  • Lost it with her

    He knew she wasn't in the bed beside him. He would have heard her breathing or at least felt for her. And why 4 shots when one would have done. He was angry with her over something and lost it with her. Why did she bring 2 mobile phones to the loo with her. She must have intended calling someone.

  • No, I don't think Oscar Pistorius is telling the truth about his girlfriends death.

    The prosecutors in the case feel they have strong enough evidence to charge him with murder, I think that what exactly happened and how accurate his story is is very debatable and will be decided in a court of law, I would say that he was more involved then what he has said.

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