• South Park Goes Out of its Way to Offend

    South Park is beyond satire, it goes out of its way to offend, it depicts racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and just discrimination and prejudice in general as acceptable, it mocks the holocaust. It had the audacity to do an episode in which Family Guy were going to depict Muhammed, something that to this day Family Guy has never even come close to, but South Park has done on multiple occasions with no remorse.

    South Park fans try to claim that Family Guy is worse when the facts completely contradict this, Family Guy is TV-14 where as South Park is TV-MA, Family Guy doesn't intend to be offensive, South Park goes totally out of its way to be as offensive as possible, Family Guy is funny and doesn't offend people to be funny, South Park is not funny in the slightest and thinks that being offensive is hilarious. South Park fans also claim that nothing can be too offensive and that different people find different things offensive, mocking a sensitive issue such as Cancer or the Holocaust to be funny is totally unacceptable no matter who you are or where you come from.

    South Park is not satire, not really, satire mocks but doesn't intend to offend anyone in the process and will not mock the most sensitive of issues, South Park just offends and offends, no matter who you are or where you come from, no doubt there is something that will personally offend you.

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  • Nothing's too offensive

    Unless you're a whining little b*tch who goes straight to Tumblr to write an blog complaining that your feelings got severely hurt and free speech is hate speech.

    Don't like it, Don't watch it. South Park was never known as a magical pink happy sugar place, So it's your own fault watching and then crying about it

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  • Southpark is offensive and that'ss good

    Its a comedy show that point the hypocrisy of society. And more often than not. . Their "offensiveness" has a point. To be made. And its liberating. . It half and hour to laugh and spit at the depressing absurdity of society. . If people don't enjoy its humor. . They don't have to watch it but do not try to condemn the show for being offensive because that is oppressive.

  • What exactly would "too offensive" mean? It should be taken off the air?

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker are leading the charge within comedy to uphold our First Amendment right. Unfortunately, The reality throughout history is this regarding individual rights: if you don't use them, You lose them. Also, What exactly would a consensus on "Yes" mean in this case? SP gets censored?

  • Nothing is too offensive

    Different people find different things offensive, some people will be very strongly offended by something that other people would be completely unmoved by. Going by the logic of "too offensive" every thing that offends someone, which could be anything, should be banned or censored. If we lived in a society where that was the case, any opinion could be removed and blocked, how can there be progress when anyone disagreeing with an idea or concept can get it removed?

  • South Park pushes the boundaries of humour, thats why we love it

    Often people slam South Park for being too offensive and vulgar, and yes while that is somewhat true South Park can be incredibly smart. Often delivering very good social and political satire without us realizing it. South Park basically need this offensive material to keep it afloat, otherwise how else would we have found out about it? I am fairly sure that most people did not find out about South Park because of its characters or something else along those lines. We mainly found the show out because of its offensive content and then we fell in love with its satire, characters and comedy.
    I think South Park is undoubtedly offensive but not too offensive, usually the offensive that I don't like is Family Guy where it is offensive for the sake of being offensive whereas South Park has a clear message its trying to get across and it would be next to impossible without this type of humor to show through, thats just the style of the show. Most of the time its message has good intentions such as "Don't be an asshole" "Don't form an opinion of something because of how it looks" and my personal favorite "Stop paying celebrities attention when they don't deserve it".
    Don't dislike South Park because its offensive, dislike it if you thought its message was offensive.

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