Is Southern California's monster heat wave a good part of California life?

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  • No, the California heat wave is dangerous.

    It is a well-known fact that California has higher temperatures. Unfortunately, this monster heat wave is reaching upwards of 115-120 degrees. While many love the idea of living in the heat, it can prove to be very dangerous. People are often not prepared by staying hydrated and out of the sun for long periods of time. Not only this, but the high heat can cause power outages, evacuations, fires and the loss of people's homes and businesses. I would not say this is a good part of California life.

  • California heat wave not a part of Calinfornia life

    A lot of people move out to the west cost for the weather and the heat, but not for these heat waves that seem to come every year. When these heat waves come, it seems a lot of the people on the west cost just huddle indoors, where the air condition keeps them from the heat. Because of this, I don't think it is a part of California life.

  • House Fires Not House Parties

    Southern California is known for its fun in the sun. When temperatures rise to the three digits, however, all bets are off. Heat waves bring the destruction of homes by fire. Residents evacuate from their homes and lose all the comforts of staying in a familiar, safe place (except for the fact that it's not so safe anymore).

  • No, it is the bad part.

    The Southern California's monster heat wave is not a good part of California life. A heat wave can not be something good because excessive exposure to high temperature is a health hazard and sometimes fatal. Cases of deaths, oil wells and fires have been reported as a result of the heat wave.

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