• Yes, it is too high in sodium.

    Most people already get enough sodium in their diet from all the processed food they eat. Instead people should use low sodium soy sauce or look for lower sodium alternatives. They should also be mindful and use soy sause spearingly and not in large amounts. Too much soy sauce is a problem.

  • Soy sauce is too high in sodium.

    Soy sauce has an objectively high sodium content compared to other sauces and foods in general. Because many people douse their food in the sauce, the sodium content could be a problem to the health of certain individuals. Despite this, the content remains high, as sodium is cheap and tasty.

  • Soy sauce is incredibly unhealthy

    As people take more consideration for the amount of sodium they consume, they should also consider limiting their soy sauce consumption. The average amount of sodium that a bottle of soy sauce contains is a whopping 900 milligrams. This is much too high for anyone's diet, so people should definitely either reduce the amount of soy sauce they use or eliminate it altogether.

  • Yes, soy sauce is too high in sodium

    Yes, soy sauce is too high in sodium. There is sodium in a large number of foods on grocery store shelves today that people may not be aware of. Soy sauce may have higher than a normal level of sodium when compared to other condiments. People should try to cut back on sodium to improve their health.

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