Is space exploration beneficial for foreign relations?

  • It could be

    Space exploration gives the world something to strive for and an ability for countries to unite under a common group. There is so much to explore about space and to develop with regards to colonization, mining of resources, and other things can countries can get together and try to accomplish with one another.

  • Space exploration is beneficial for foreign relations.

    Space exploration is beneficial for foreign relations. It can bring nations together when they deal with the discoveries in space and provide a neutral ground for discussion. I think there can be good outcomes when it comes to taking on space projects. If our nations start to communicate and collaborate than anything is possible.

  • Space exploration is beneficial for foreign relations.

    Space exploration is a good way for nations to cooperate peacefully. There can be important diplomatic breakthroughs through collaborative space projects. The International Space Station is a good example of how different nations with different interests can come together to work on a common and peaceful goal. Such projects are beneficial for the world.

  • It has the potential

    Space may be the key for getting nations with hostility towards one another to play nice, because we need one another to even begin to understand it. There have been examples in the past of nations that aren't friendly with one another working together on space related programs, and in the case of the United States I'm in favor of any argument that gets us back towards funding space research in a serious manner.

  • Not to foreign relations

    I think the space exploration is very beneficial on its own. I do not see the connection however to foreign relations. Space is still widely unknown and could hold a lot so it should be explored. That is not going to help us get along though with any of our foreign neighbors.

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