• Yes, it is.

    Space exploration helps us learn more about the universe around us and even more about ourselves. It is very important that we gain this knowledge now and for the future. There may be a day when we have to live in a space colony because of all the damage we have done to our planet.

  • Yes, it is.

    Space exploration is good and can help scientists and the world learn more about what is out there. If we understand what is going on in space better it may help us better understand our own earth and learn even more amazing things than what we already know. Overall it can be great.

  • Yes, it is a positive thing to explore space.

    While we do need to make sure we keep funds available for helping those on earth, space is our next frontier. Just as we are a global community, we are also a cosmic community, and in the next centuries we have no idea where the human race will be. Evolution may demand that we keep our eyes open and do such exploring.

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