• Of course it is!

    It is because we re exploring deeper and deeper already into space and what will happen if the earth gets destroyed? We will have nowhere to go to! So what will happen? Will humanity be wiped out because of it? Actually to be honest, I just think I NEED to say yes!!

  • It is not beneficial to the public.

    The government is spending so much money for NASA and all these other big companies to explore space, whilst some people around the world are still homeless and starving. I think that before they go exploring space, they should supply the needs of the public. If everyone around the world was fine, it would be a different story but their not! Rocks are not as beneficial as having basic needs to live!

  • It is worth the cost! (in my opinion and a maximum of the people)

    I think we should continue space exploration because, it can lead up to new inventions in the technology category and we can discover new racecourses. It is worth it to spend the money because if we ever ran out of clean water we could try to discover life on another planet. In conclusions I think we should continue space exploration FOR THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Space exploration is worth the cost.

    This may seem a little far fetched, but we need to know about our universe. We need to learn how the world works, and how we can improve it. With the technology we are able to see oncoming storms, send messages around the world. Also, we need to see if there is any chance we could populate another planet because earth is in so much trouble.

  • Yes, space exploration is important

    NASA is so close to discovering live on Mars and the Curiosity rover has already found marine bacterial life in a pool of water on Mars. And it can provide us with the knowledge of our universe, which we need to find out. Other planets can be diagnosed to see if they were like Earth and see where they went bad and prevent that happening to us.

  • It is worth the cost

    Eventually the world will run of of space, food and potable water. Space travel is necessary to the keep the human race thriving. If we don’t travel to Mars, Proxima Centauri b, or any other planets that may contain water the human race will parish. Hopefully any one who reads this will change their minds on Space exploration. Also, if space exploration isn't worth the cost what would we do if the Earth is starved of materials, over populated, etc.

  • Yes space exploration is worth the cost

    With space exploration we can improve our world and it make it better. We can also learn more about our world. We can learn how to improve our world and see what is about to happen. We are really close to find another planet with life on it. Space exploration is really important.

  • Yes, space exploration is worth the cost.

    There is a lot we could learn from further developing our space program. Recently, we've made plans to mine an asteroid within ten years, potentially increasing our ability to find rare resources that are scarce or not naturally occurring on earth.
    If we continue to cut funding to NASA, who knows what we could miss out on.

  • Yes space exploration is worth the cost

    It is definitely worth the cost to be out exploring the secrets of space and to continue to gain more knowledge about what is out there in space. It is worth the cost to discover just where human beings came from and how we got here, and you cannot put a price on continued education.

  • Yes, space exploration is absolutely worth it.

    Space exploration is worthwhile, not only for what we might find, but for all the incidental things we would find along the way. Getting to the moon gave us Tang and pens that can write upside-down. Traveling to Mars, or farther, could lead to advances in medicine, health, longevity, transportation, communications, and so much more. We simply can't afford not to make this investment in humanity's future.

  • Jesus is truth

    Okay.GOD made Earth, then HE filled it. So if GOD made Earth the only planet with life we are aware of, and excessively filling it up, HE does this for a reason. If there were to be another planet with life on it, there would have been simple transportation. GOD'S work is questionable, but in the end everyone will understand.
    Also, why bother going waaaaay out there, when we barely know 10% of our oceans, where we already live?
    "You know it's good advice when you're still confused afterwards..."
    - quote by Michelangelo

  • I don’t think that space exploration is worth the cost.

    I don’t think that space exploration is worth the cost. There are so many better things that that
    money could be used for. Space
    exploration is incredibly expensive, and the return on investment is not great
    enough to justify the expense. This money
    should be spent on something that could benefit more people.

  • Waste of money

    Tution is crazily expensive. People like me who want to go to college in the United States like me will have to pay 26,000 dollars for tuition at an average college for one year. That thing doesn’t include textbooks, housing, and living expense. With all of that thing added up, a year of college could easily cost 40,000 perhaps 50,000 dollars. When you graduate, the total fee is at least of 160,000 dollars. My family don’t have that kind of money to pay for that amount. The only way of how I can afford college is to join the military. I have to put my live on the line, get shot at by the lowest people of society just to pay for my tuition. Meanwhile, people are bringing back rocks from the moon and mars for billions of dollar. Use that money on something useful like funding for college education, not bring back rocks from mars or the moon.

  • Billions of dollars?

    We spend 1.7 billion for 1 probe, don't you think we could be ending world hunger with that or using that money to find a cure for cancer. Honestly we are doing just fine on Earth so lets just keep our money here. So no I don't thing the exploration is worth the cost.

  • What will we do with the information?

    So we have found an exo-planet. What now? The farthest we will go in 1 lifetime is Pluto or Eres, that is it. Also, it would cost a lot of money from just shipping resources to somewhere like Mars while we could be using our resources wisely here on Earth. Also, to go very far away to another galaxy taking as many people as we can in a apocalyptic Earth, we might not even have enough resources to do that at this point


    Why space why not earth. Should we care for the homeless people and the hungry people. HELP human beings not the moon we could explore the moon or the space later but we Got to help the Human Beings.

  • Are You Kidding?

    I guess if you believe that it's worth billions of dollars and many human lives to bring home a few bags of rocks from the moon and Mars... The ISS is THE MOST EXPENSIVE structure EVER built!!! Can anyone seriously justify that in terms of benefits to the ordinary human? REALLY? I'd LOVE to hear it!

  • It's not worth the cost.

    Space exploration does not provide enough information to society. It is only effective to the astronaut and the scientist involved. It cost BILLIONS of dollars and and mostly puts the countries in millions of dollars in debt. We have found nothing but emptiness in the black universe we call space and it is getting humankind no where. Earth is our first priority which we still fail to help, but now people are treating space like everyone has a chance to see it. WAR, POVERTY , does this mean nothing to astronauts and scientist?

  • Money, money, money

    Imagine the billions of dollars we have torn up,the money nasa has thrown in the bin;what if this was put into other more valuable things like education poverty and famine. Nasa`s cost since the start of the space race is roughly $900 billion and the cost of feeding the hungry is $30 billion according to the FAO imagine what the world would be like with no poverty,no hunger,no need for benefits a utopian society.

  • H e a d l i n e

    Space explotain is not worth the cost m m m m m m m m m m m m m m. M m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m. M m m mm m m m. Mm m. Mm m m m. M

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