• Yes Tesla is just high

    Read on a post about this crazy lady that thought she was the only human and everyone was not real. She claimed that people were predictable and were NPCs and there were only about a real people. All the rest were NPCs, Thought she was in a fake reality. I believe she is too narcissistic and needs someone to inject reality in her.

    This space is real. If it were fake you would be able to glitch the program. Thing would not render and you could go out of bounds. Chaos equations would break the system because power computers struggle with fractles.

    You are so far gone if you believe this fake. Go do test and bring proof before you spout nonsense.

  • Space is real

    Speaking with scientists and philosophers on "Closer to Truth, " I realized that the notion that everything humans see and know is a gigantic computer game of sorts, The creation of supersmart hackers existing somewhere else, Is not a joke. Exploring a "whole-world simulation, " I discovered, Is a deep probe of reality.

  • I'm only saying no to play devil's advocate.

    Think about it like this; Yes, Obviously space is real, We can see it if you just buy any $40 telescope from a toy store. You can see even more of it if you buy a nicer telescope. Buuut, How do you KNOW? What is knowing, Anyways? If it's based solely on what we can see, How can we even know what we are seeing is real? It's entirely possible everything that is "happening" to you right now is a delusion. Over 60% of people diagnosed with schizophrenia are unaware that their delusions aren't real. I think it's something like over 40% of people with schizophrenia are unaware that their HALLUCINATIONS aren't real. What if you, The person reading this, Has such horrible and debilitating schizophrenia, That everything and everyone you think is real is simply a delusion + hallucination. You're actually just sitting in a psych ward, Talking to people that aren't there, Typing on a computer that doesn't exist. How would you know? You don't.

  • No. Definitely not.

    In fact nothing is real. What you experience as consciousness is an artificial creation that was implanted into a mechanical storage unit
    that exists outside this very simulation you call reality. Sentience in this world is not arbitrary but instead very specifically made by intelligent organic forms that understand the sense and purpose of the cosmos. The reason behind the manifestation of said simulation is unclear to us artificial consciousness individuals because we were not allowed to pass the developmental stage we could have, Proven by the fact that we are being led to believe that the space is vast. It is not vast, It simply doesn't exist.

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