• What a dumb question

    Yes, of course it is. The Earth is just a grain of sand in the vastness of all the cosmos. Most of what exists is out there, not here on Earth. People have to keep exploring the outer space in case anythng happens to our planet. Space is the only exit

  • Space is something.

    Space is the vast area outside of our atmosphere. Clearly, it is a thing and it is something. It may be an inert vacuum, but it is still a thing, even if it is an abstraction. Space is a place where we have yet to explore. It is truly the final frontier.

  • Space is not matter but it is something.

    Unlike matter, not all space has mass. This makes it different from matter. Space is the thing that isn't anything, but it is definitely there. Space is measureable and has several characteristics. The properties that space displays make is something we can talk about and describe. The concept of something normally refers to physical object.

    Posted by: DPL
  • Yes, according to definition, it is.

    Something: a thing that is unspecified or unknown.

    Even if we do not know what is in the galaxy, or if it is just infinite nothingness; it is still something. It is unknown what varies at most parts of space, thus making it 'something' until we can prove that there is an infinite nothingness surrounding the universe.

  • Nothing is absence of all.

    If space is nothing, then nothing has size, and can contain something. Nothing is "no thing", so is space a thing? It may be tempting to say that it is not, because the things that we normally refer to take space, and it seems to make sense that space doesn't take up space. Frankly, it's hard for me to believe that space could exist without space, which means that if there is space, there is infinite space, which could explain speed changing the movement of time. Perhaps each layer of space contains it's own time, slightly offset from the spaces on either side, and the speed of light sends you between the layers of space fast enough for your perception of time to change noticeably. This is just one of many crazy ideas about the time-space continuum.

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themohawkninja says2013-12-06T19:34:42.157
Well... It has properties, like the gravitational constant, and electromagnetic permeability, but whether that means that it exists or not, I don't know. It's a good question that, even though I study astronomy, is out of my realm of knowledge.