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  • It can help the next generation and help support the USA.

    Space can help people everywhere, and also make us for sure that there are no martians, aliens, extra terrestrial, etc. It IS very very very very important!!!!! We need to support space!! Please!!! We need need need need need need need need need to SO much! YES! WE really do need to!

  • Yes, humans need to look into space travel to survive.

    Humans continue to destroy the planet at an alarming rate, with species becoming extinct daily. Earthlings are running out of petroleum, too. Space travel needs to not only be explored, but made directly possible for people in order for the human race to have any kind of future at all.

  • Space travel is worth looking into.

    Man has always reached for the stars, and they are finally beginning to be within our reach. In the near future, there may be a rise in space travel, not only by governments, but my commercial companies. There will soon be a day when normal people can travel into space as easily as they travel by airplane today.

  • Jimmy must die

    Jimmy: I'm starving, please help
    NASA: Sorry Jimmy, we need these billions of dollars for space exploration
    Jimmy: Will it help feed me?
    NASA: No, but if another Jimmy, say, in 50 years, need to know if there was water in Mars, he will know, thanks to us.
    Jimmy: ....
    NASA: Think of how amazing it will be! So much information!
    Jimmy: But all i want is to live
    NASA: Take care of yourself Jimmy, the future Jimmy's need us. Oh while we're here, we'll take all your countries resources and blame your laziness for your poverty. See ya!
    Jimmy: (slowly decease as a spaceship takes off)

  • It is not worth it. NO!

    NASA receives 7.5 billion as their budget. That is as much as we earn in a few months, and can even be in a few years for some people! The ensuing U.S. space efforts have cost an additional $196 billion for the shuttle and $50 billion for the space station. Scientists and the government should spend this money to help with the Earth, not just to gather info about space!

  • N o .

    -we are using too much money (approx. $9.928 billion per year) when there are still lots of people living in poverty the money they waste on space travel should be used for education, health, homes, and things important to the public
    -space exploration is the natural resources such as fossil fuels used in gasoline
    -travel into space is very dangerous and risky and many astronauts have died of going to space or while training to go to space.

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