• If You Picked No, Then You're Wrong

    Space is extremely underrated, In fact so much so that it is kind of a shocker. It is much more important than just mapping our oceans. Space is also not really known at all, Which is a great place to start exploring because of that. Space should always be made a choice in every school to study about, There is just so much to do and explore there (such as discovering planets and in the future, Living on these planets).

  • Too important to be underrated

    During all of my school years, We only bothered to study the space briefly in elementary school, One week in middle and i already know that we won't be studying it in high school. School doesn't help us expand our minds and creativity. Instead, We are to sit and learn the same tedious crap over and over again, Only getting harder. There are too much to be learning, And too much we miss out. Now, I don't believe space should be a mandatory course, But sometimes we should appreciate the vast and never-ending void we live in.

  • Space is underrated

    Space is so vast, and we don't know hardly anything about it. Space can hold so many wonders, and is where our imagination lives. It's the mystery of it that makes us want to explore it, and it's vastness should compel people to want to explore it. The fact that we don't know much about it astounds me, and it's not like we have the correct tools to not do it. It gives us the idea that there is more out there, than just us. There's so much we don't know, and yet no one seems to care.

  • Space is WAY underrated

    Schools don't teach as many things about space as they should. Also, Research has shown less and less people are into space. Elon Musk had to start a company to try to fix this problem. Plus, not as many people know that much about space or follow space news. Space is underrated

  • No, it is overrated

    Space will not be useful to humanity until we have the resources to explore it in depth and with effectiveness. Space is the next great ocean for man. Even our oceans on Earth required great ships that themselves required great effort to design and build. Until humanity is united under one government and has stabilized it's position in society in the environment. We will not be able to move beyond Earth, nor perhaps should we.

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