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  • Spaceship Earth is Fine

    Fortunately, "Spaceship Earth" isn't crashing by any means. The world is doing fine in a general sense, although humanity is going through its own issues. Most of the Earth's problems are reverseable or preventable, and we still have time to right the ship. The Earth isn't crashing or declining past change.

  • Do Not Panic

    I do not believe spaceship Earth is crashing. I believe we have done measurable damage however, the planet has been shown to survive major volcanic eruptions that have wrecked the atmosphere in the past. This doesn't guarantee our survival, which we should be worried about, but the planet itself will survive.

  • It is a beautiful world.

    No, spaceship earth is not crashing, because the earth is still sustainable. Very little of the world is even developed. There is plenty of room left. There are most natural resources still left on earth. People who think that spaceship earth is crashing are nothing more than alarmists who want to control how other people live.

  • Still Time to Right the Ship

    Spaceship Earth isn't crashing, humans are just ruining it. Life has survived on this planet in some form for billions of years when bacteria first formed in water thanks to amino acids. If humans destroy their home planet and become extinct in the process, something will survive to carry on even if it's not humankind. Humanity may be crashing, but the planet will rebuild itself eventually once the pollution-causing vermin eradicates itself.

  • We could be doing better, but we're not doomed.

    No, spaceship earth is not crashing. While we've certainly done our best to ruin the environment, our home planet is a lot tougher than it looks and can take a lot of abuse. And fortunately, we're heaping less abuse on her today. I think spaceship earth will be right on course, with a little turbulence.

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