• From personal experience;

    As a Spanish man who's studying in the US I am constantly told that my accent is very sexy; I'll even get complemented after oral presentations. So, I think it is fare to say that to most americans Spanish is one of the sexiest accents, and I've found it to be an asset rather than a setback.

  • Spanish is so hot

    Spanish is a beautiful language and its so hot, i love Penelope Cruz and she is spanish so i love her acent, anyway spanish is so cute and hot
    in my opinion is the sexiest language
    I wanna be in love with a spanish man :)))) I love Spain bye

  • I think is relative. Every language has its magic.

    I'm Colombian and I think Spanish is a beautiful language, but is not necessarily the sexiest. Languages as well as beauty have been stereotyped. I do think is one of the richest languages, and I think people should take it more seriously. English is not the only language that's worldwide.
    Do I think English is kind of plain and boring? YES.

  • I feel that Spanish is the sexiest language because it is the language of the Paso Doble and the Argetine Tango, two very sexy dances.

    If you want to make love with your writing and melt your reader, Spanish is definately your language of choice. Adjectives inspire love, lust, passion, and sensuality. I dare you to tell your lover "I will do anything you want" in Spanish, and see what happens. You will not be sorry. ;)

  • French is better (spoken by women)

    I don't care too much for how French sounds when men speak it, but when women do it's gloriously sexy and the french accent can make almost anything sound sexy. Spanish is good too, some go for Italian, but French is where it is at. I think the mystique of not understanding French makes it even more sexy.

  • Sexy is subjective.

    Thus, any language can be defined as "sexy" based on the experiences and preferences of the person. In any event, I fail to see how any language could be "classed as sexy." Certainly, beautiful; I can see that, which Spanish does fall under, (although I think Italian is the most beautiful), but not sexy.

  • Spanish has gone way to far!

    No Way! It is not the sexiest language we half to learn it because of all the Hispanics here. Thanks to our government not securing the border. Furthermore most sex talk is in English so way even bring up spanish obviously someone is jealous. I hope someday that people who come to the US must learn english to be a citizen.

  • You got too much Hollywood there.

    To have infinite Mexican soap operas (and these being funded by the USA entertainment media) creates a lot of prejudices about this: reality is that Spanish can sound very ugly (just like every language).

    It's all about the accent and the Spanish voices you heard the most, not the language.

  • Spanish sounds sensual and sexy

    Spanish is a beautiful language. I love that we have a passive way to say things to reduce blame or harshness. When spoken correctly, it is as beautiful and soothing as Italian. I personally don't like the sound of French because it sounds too nasally. Spanish has a way of making everything sweeter by simply adding -ito or -ita as a suffix.

  • Not more than any other language

    Spanish isn't the sexiest language. I believe that to be a matter of personal opinion. I speak Russian and I believe that is the sexiest language ever. Any language can be made to sound romantic if you use the right words. I'm sure all languages have their own points of quality.

  • It is not a sexy language.

    Spanish is not there for you to ridicule it. It a serious language and deserves respect. It is also one of the main languages of the world. People speaking in Spanish from their childhood are not trying to win you over. It is their language, just like english is yours.
    Reducing a whole language to the romantic side is plain disrespectful.

    Posted by: Rafe

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