• Yes, it is abuse.

    I think everyone here agrees that if someone slapped their child in the face, it would be considered child abuse. So slapping them on the butt should be no different. Are you seriously going to tell me that it depends on where you slap them?? Kids need to be disciplined, but physical pain is an animalistic and disgusting form of punishment and should be considered abuse.

  • As a personal opinion I believe so.

    I think the term "spanking" is very wide in range of meanings, as it could mean to any severity. I mean you get some parents who really belt their children so much they bleed. And I know a lot of the time this isn't the case, but I was hit severely as a child, and I was told that it's okay because I've done something wrong or I've been naughty and I deserved it. But let me tell you now, and it annoys me when people tell me I'll change my mind when I have kids of my own, but I'm never hitting or "spanking" my child.

    A lot of people have said they benefited from being spanked as a child and that it taught them discipline, but I just think there are so many other ways to discipline a child without making them loathe you. My parents and I aren't very close anymore because I've distanced myself because of how they treated me when I was younger and how they treat me now. I guess some people benefit, but you can't always assume that a child is going to thank you for it later.

  • Yes it is abuse!

    Of course it is, it is physical hurt especially when it is misused then it is unarguably abuse. There are better ways of punishment than hurting your kids. It is not respectful, there are better and more affective ways of punishment such as being banned from something.

    It can often be abused and then it turns into violence.

  • Yes, spanking kids is a form of abuse as it is a cycle of violence.

    Children are fragile both physically and emotionally. Using violence against them is more dangerous than with older people. In addition, children who are spanked are taught that violence is a solution to problems. Children who are spanked are more likely to spank their own kids or even commit violent crimes. It is abuse both physically and mentally. Rather than teaching children that violence can solve their problems with others, we should be teaching them non-violent solutions to disputes.

  • I think it depends on hard you're hitting your kids

    Mild hitting should not be considered abusive. As a general norm, Kids younger than the age of ten often do not follow rules or listen to elders. They do what they think is right and oftentimes what they do isn't right for them. When told otherwise, They're bound to not listen. I have seen it happen with my own eyes. What can you do to discipline them? Starve them? Well the law disagrees with you on that. What else? Lock them in their room? Law doesn't want you to do that either. Make them stand in a corner? Lol kids aren't so stupid that they would stop misbehaving after that. Take away their toys? They will just find something else to bother you with.

    That's when spanking comes to play. I do not know about the rest of the people here, But I have ZERO tolerance for ill mannered kids. There IS however, A limit to how hard you hit a child. For instance, Raising a belt on your child and making him or her bleed is just plain wrong. Anything you do to hurt or damage their organs in the long run is wrong. But a slap? It's not wrong. A slap or spank on the butt? Not wrong.

    That's not to say that I'd go hitting any and every spoilt ingrate out there. I'd just frown at them and raise my son or daughter to be a way that is not them and to be a parent who isn't neglectful, Unlike theirs. Spoilt kids turn out to be bullies in high school and they end up molesting girls. Discipline at home is a key feature in one's life. Every child should be taught how to behave themselves in a way that is suitable for them.

    I'd like to add that it makes the kid not be afraid of spankings or getting slapped in the future. So if anyone dare raise a hand at him or her ahead in the timeline, He won't hesitate to grab their hand before they hit him/her.

  • I was spanked as a child. Theres a big line between spanking for discipline and abuse.

    When you spank to discipline you don't do it to beat your child, you do it to show them the difference from right and wrong. You don't whack them twenty times and you don't do it hard. However if you do it when you're angry or push it too far then it becomes abuse.

  • Sometimes it's what a kid needs

    I come from a family who believes in moderate discipline towards their kids. If they have been continuously acting up, they need the paddle or a kick spanking. As long as it's not too excessive and leaves welts, I think it is perfectly fine for the parents to do so. Sometime's it's what it all comes down to.

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