• Spanks give low self esteem

    Spanking can damage your child's self esteem whenever you hurt them.It makes them feel like you don't love them are the enemy and Will start to hate you from day one or become afraid of everything in life. I mean look at me, I've been spanked so many times that I'm afraid to even make new friends or go to help my dad. Besides children are impressionable they will copy every act they see and will tell that you've hurt them in some way. I've heard that if they do child services will come and take them away

  • It is not effective.

    It is true that spanking children temporarily makes the child to not to misbehave again, but it doesn't have effect in long-term periods. Furthermore, children can only fear the physical punishments that their parents did to them, but not the thing that they did wrong, which is why their being spanked. Parents can also put their emotions while spanking, so I believe that parents spanking children is totally inappropriate to use as the way of a punishment.

  • Parents go over board

    If spanking is right why do parents go over board with spanking? The reason to most of this is because there are parents that can have some anger against someone in there past and sometimes it comes to mined there's some one that I can put there face on or it can be at a certain dislike at the child that can affect there in there life time that can only you as parents have done, that can also can lead to abuse.

  • Children have the same Adult Right.

    I think spanking isn't an effective strategy because it Doesn't teach kids any new behavior. Spanking Children Also Causes Lowers self-esteem, humiliation, depression and a lifelong hatred of authority were among the undesirable side effects developed by those who were Spanked. I Dont Find any thing positive From Spanking kids. One, your physically hurting them. Two, parents might cause depression on their kid. Three, Spanking Is just wrong.

  • Let's apply logic to the situation

    The argument against spanking is profound. The left is fairly pretentious and self-righteous about the issue. The average parent who is anti-spanking has read all these articles that read “Experts Say Spanking has Detrimental Effects,” and they don’t question it. They blindly follow what these “experts” have to say. The truth is, these “experts” are liberal scientists who conduct these “studies” with a clear and subjective agenda to demonize spanking. These studies have indeterminate results, even though the results are based on skewed data. Sometimes data can be altered and fabricated, especially when scientists go into studies with an agenda. Just a side comment: for those who don’t know, liberal scientific “experts” used to justify racism/slavery with skewed scientific data because they went into the study with an agenda. What if we blindly followed the data set forth by those scientists? Perhaps because common sense dictated they were wrong? Anyways, the effects of being swatted on the buttocks once or twice during childhood as a last-resort are not as detrimental as one might think.
    The average person who reports being spanked has a bit of a more level-headed opinion on the subject. Numerous people have been spanked when they were younger, and later in life they acknowledge the experience as being necessary. For example, I remember being spanked for the first time, and it was a sobering experience. One second I was thinking that I could get away with murder and my parents wouldn’t do a single thing about it, and the next second I was crying. I deserved it because I was in the wrong. I remember my dad picked me up, put me over his knee, and then gave me the whole “this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you” speech. Then, he let me have it: two swats. Am I a sociopathic drug addict who hates my parents? Not even close. Did I go around spanking others? It would’ve been funny, but no. The left needs to understand that people don’t get their kicks off of spanking others. It’s a last resort that no one looks forward to. Lastly, I want to add that many great people were spanked as children. Teddy Roosevelt, a US President recognized as an effective leader and a man of integrity was spanked once by his father when he was a boy. I’m not implying he was great because he was spanked, but rather I am saying that he didn’t suffer from the negative effects of spanking in which the left perpetually cries about. I just used Roosevelt as one example because he’s one of the most interesting men I can think of, but there are many more.

  • Spanking is not wrong.

    No matter what anyone says or tries to get others to believe, spanking is not wrong. Spanking is an effective way to punish a kid, showing them that there is consequence for their actions. Children who do not get spanked are more likely to get into trouble later in life.

  • No, spanking can be okay in very rare circumstances.

    Spanking can potentially teach children that violence is okay and instill an unhealthy fear of their parents, so it must be used only in very, very rare circumstances. As an example, if a small child runs out into the street, the only punishment a parent may have time or thought for is to shock the child, such as spanking them on the hand or bottom as quickly as possible. In general, though, there are other forms of punishment that can leave lasting impressions (such as time outs and groundings) without having to resort to capital punishment.

  • JB, JC. Spanking is not wrong.

    All people are different in all ways, including how they respond to discipline. Some children act outrageous in a class room environment and for some disciplining by force or hitting is the only way to correct a students behavior. This should not be the first way to discipline students, but this is a very effective way of disciplining that teachers should be able to use.

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