• Weird or Different?

    Even if it makes people feel weird or different, the children don’t know if it is good or bad. And when they find out, they are old enough to accept it.
    Special education helps smarter and dumber kids succeed in school and life. Dumber kids will get smart, and smart kids will get enrichment and become smarter.

  • I think it is.

    Yes, I would have to agree that special education is effective. Special education allows a child of special needs to have an education that will work for him or her. Children who suffer from some disabilities need to have this access so that they can learn as well. If this were not available to them, their learning would not be as effective.

  • Effective and necessary.

    Special education fills a very important need. Everyone who is capable of some form of learning is entitled to a relative education in this country; to become the most productive they can and to reach their individual potential. Special education serves this purpose, and we all benefit as a society when each person reaches their potential and learns productive skills.

  • Yes, in certain instances.

    I don't really know how effective special education is in public schools. I feel that the teachers don't really teach the students appropriately. But if it is a specialized school, then I think it can be incredibly effective. It just really depends on who is teaching the curriculum in my opinion.

  • To me, its both

    Im in special education class and it makes me feel weird and feeling that im not smart. But at the same time it does help me alot. It helps me become smarter in ways that i wouldn't believe but at the same time when im around my friends it just feels like im the lower class friend. Because i dont 'meet up' with there smarts

  • No, it often does more harm than good.

    No, special education is not effective, because it often sends the message to the children that they are weird or different. Often, special education is more for the educators, that make extra money by having students signed up for special education. Special education often brings students down more than it helps them succeed.

  • Ask me, I was in special education.

    I was in special education up until 10th grade and honestly my mother should have never consented to it because me and most people in my class didn't need it. Those students who are not mildly "disabled", like moderately disabled, need it. No one else does. A lot of times parents don't want to parent so they ask for special education or the school recommends an IEP for a non-parented child when I was in high school I quit going to my related service and refused to be evaluated. Any child who does not appear to need special education (without evaluation) does not need it or have lazy parents (except in cases where the school is pressuring the parent to consent to special education or just the IEP.

  • Due to budget cuts, special education is no longer effective

    Good Special Education teachers are expensive, and due to budget cuts to education, schools can't afford them anymore. From my experience with a child who has been in special education for awhile, the quality of special ed has gone down dramatically and sometimes the kids are getting no more than babysitting, being crammed into classrooms with so many students that the teacher can't possibly give each one the attention they need. If Congress continues to rape the school system of its money, special education will only get worse.

  • It is also educational

    Even though the school has pay more, specials still give education and also it reduces stress by letting the students relax into the fun stuff. Art makes kids creative, PE makes kids energized, healthy, and fit. Finally, it gives kids a variety of activities to do. So I don't think that specials are effecting the school in and way!

  • They are corrupt!

    I was sent to a special school and thanks to them, I cannot get a job due them purposely teaching me how to act a child instead of an adult! They constantly abused me, belittled me and never gave me encouragement! Specialist schools are corrupt and only out to hinder!

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