• It's a puzzle.

    The Rubik's cube came out back when I was in middle school in the early 80's. To the best of my knowledge, I was the only one in my class that could actually solve it without cheating and even my science teacher was impressed because he couldn't figure it out. Thing is, That was then and the fad should be long dead. Sure, Some may still like it like some like ping pong or disco but really it's time has long past. In the end, It's just a puzzle and like other puzzles, It just gives a bit of entertainment when you have time to waste.

  • Speedcubing improves reaction time

    Speedcubing is a hobby like any other, Even work can be found by speedsolving. Cubers enjoy social time at competitions, And see improvements of their solve times, And can also positively affect people. Take Max Park, As a child, He struggled with autism, Making it nearly impossible to do daily things. Now, After years of cubing and competitions, He’s more social, And developed those basic skills. This shows just one example of the greatness of speedcubing.

  • It's honestly not.

    Rubik's cubing is, Like stated above, For improving reaction time. The great social environment for the cubers helps them gain a much more positive outlook on life. With so much to learn, Cubers are almost never bored, And are much faster thinkers and learn to solve problems in creative ways.

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