• Not the best, But certainly not bad

    Spider-Man: Far From Home is action-packed and very fun. There are a few problems with the story, But Tom Holland's acting is as good as ever, Scratch that: everyone's acting is good. The special effects are breathtaking and there are plenty of fun fight scenes. Is is the best Spider-Man film? Certainly not, Homecoming and Spider-Man 2 are probably the two best ones, In my opinion. Is it a bad film? No, For the reasons I just stated.

  • Yep, Pretty amazing!

    Gonna make a bold point here, Spider-Man Far From Home is the best live action Spider-Man Movie ever created, Beating Spider-Man 2 after 15 years.



    It has not one, Not two, But THREE "holy f***ing shit" moments. At one point I leapt forward in my seat, Pumped my first and shouted “YES! ”. Tom Holland, Once again, Completely nails it at being Spider-Man, He's the epitome of Spidey with the awkward geekiness, Witty jokes, And immaturity of being a high school superhero. And man I sure did have my doubts about Zendaya being MJ, But out of all spider-man movies, She's probably one of the best love interests. Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio is one of the most entertaining characters ever. He's just so unpredictable and fun and brings A LOT to the film. The chemistry between Jake and Tom is top of the line. Everyone shines in the film, But the chemistry between Peter and MJ is undeniable and honestly just tops the other versions we've seen of this relationship. Their journey in this film is so rewarding and cute and surprising and I adore them.

    I don't think I've ever been THIS excited to rewatch a film (Besides Endgame), Both Sam Raimi and Marc Webb's movies did a lot of great stuff with the character, But its John Watts who has made him Amazing, Spectacular, AND Astonishing. It's a movie I've waited long for and finally got.

  • Spider-Man Far From Great

    In Homecoming, Michelle Jones treats Peter like trash and he goes for some other African American. In Far From Home, This show of affection towards Michelle seems to come out of thin air. In the beginning, When he's in the Iron Spider suit, He's not. It's all CGI. I'm pretty sure Mysterio is an Iron Man villain (which says a thing or two about how deep Peter's "internship" was) He doesn't get the "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" from Uncle Ben, And Tony Stark is a makeshift Uncle Ben, Because they got so tired of killing him. He's haunted by STARK's death, Which he didn't have control over in lieu of Uncle Ben's death, Which Tobey and Andrew could've prevented. He's also a complete moron. He gave the E. D. I. T. H glasses to Mysterio after knowing him for a day. He's saved in both Homecoming and Far From Home by his billionaire friend. With the subject of Happy on the mind, Where did his little romance with Aunt May come from? They got tired of having old Aunt May and Uncle Ben, So they throw Uncle Ben in the trash and put Aunt May in her thirties or forties and turn her into a sex joke. And Flash is turned into a scrawny Indian who "bullies" Peter but making dumb jokes like "Penis Parker". Peter NEVER learns from his mistakes, Or suffer consequences. I'm not blaming it on Tom Holland, But the screenwriters were terrible.

    If you need further convincing, Check this out:
    https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=oGZVLDYr40U

  • The Worst Spiderman

    I could go on about this for 5 pages. But I won't. Look, Mysterio is overrated. Simple as that. His acting is cheesy, And I don't understand the motive at all. Peter is just too whiney and I enjoy his performances, Especially in infinity war, But here, He just felt eh. Zendaya was awful. She just complains. The film has no flow and is simply all over the place in my opinion. God I hate this film. Plus the cgi sucks.

  • Good movie. Horrible Spider-man movie which takes away everything I love about the character.

    First off, The film spends so much time trying to make Spiderman like Tony Stark instead of his own character. All of his villains so far are fuelled by motivation to do what they do because of Ironman instead of Spiderman which makes it feel like you'r watching Spiderman battling an Ironman villain instead of the his own. This really tains the confrontation between Peter and Mysterio when they are battling knowing that there is no real connection between Mysterio and Peter other than that Peter is pissing him off. Just look at the confrontation between Dock Ock and Peter in Spiderman PS4. The developers know that the fans will get that Dock Ock will betray Peter since he is a Spiderman villain. So, They spend a good chunk of the game developing an emotional attachment between them so that when they have to battle in the final boss, It's so upsetting and heartbreaking which is what a film, No art is suppose to do. It's suppose to make you FEEL. But in far from home you don't get that emotion because like this movie, It knows fans will get that Mysterio will betray Peter but it spends no time really putting an amazing friendship between the two as it all turns to be lies. Look, I could spend hours explaining why there relationship wasn't good and when the inevitable betrayal came it wasn't emotional but be honest, Did you feel any tension or emotion when they faced off? No, Because they feel like strangers. The only time I could really think of when there was emotion between Mysterio and Peter was in the Bar and rooftop scene with Peter talking about how he just wants to be a normal kid. But other than having someone to talk to about his Spiderman problems, We get nothing.

    I'll make part 2

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