• Support from me

    People say spike lee isnt good, Sad! Hes very good and really hits home with a lot of people. Mostly racism stops people from really enjoying his films. Honestly if i had to give out oscars i would give him one or two, He doesnt have enough he deserves more

  • Fluppy bad taste

    I really think that fluppy is a shitter hjas shit taste in music has shit taste in literally everything stupid ass vampire no one likes him in the first place if i ever saw him again id make sure he enjoyed these films even if i have to force him to

  • Renown Black Director

    Spike Lee is still one of the best directors today. Films like "He got Game" and "Malcolm X" are classics which Lee sprinkles in his own perspective. Lee's perspective on black culture is more genuine than 90% of that of Hollywood directors. In "Malcolm X", Lee shows X' full situation and cultural issues which develop him into the complicated character we see at the end of the film.

  • Renown Black Director

    Spike Lee is one of the best African American directors and most famous directors of all time. Lee has produced numerous classics and films like "Malcolm X" truly depict the significant role his films play in society. In "Malcolm X", Lee gives his own perspective of X' life and rite of passage. Lee excels from almost all other white Hollywood directors when he displays black culture.

  • He's certainly a memorable director

    It's hard to deny the influence that Spike Lee has had on Hollywood, movies in general and the role of African Americans in both. He's been making movies that millions of people will still pay to watch in an age where we mostly pirate our media, that certainly counts for something.

  • Yes He Is

    I am not a huge fan of Spike Lee but I have watched a decent majority of his films. I think his story selection is usually sound and he tends to do a very good job as far as his directing skills. I believe he is one of our more notable directors.

  • He has notable work.

    Yes, Spike Lee is a good director, because he is known for his work. I do not always agree with his work, and I certainly do not agree with the comments that he made about gentrification. However, the mark of a director is whether they can make people think, and Spike Lee certainly does that.

  • Spike Lee pushes the envelope, but he is not a good director

    Spike Lee was relevant at a time when racially charged movies were something new, and needed to be made. The world has moved on. Spike Lee hasn't. The mark of a good director is relevancy over time. Clearly, Lee doesn't have that. If you look at the actual quality of the moveis, they rank middle of the road at best.

  • He Used To Be

    Back in the day, he made good films such as He Got Game, 25th Hour and Inside Man (I think he made that film). However, the films he makes these days are not that great. Especially the Oldboy remake. What a colossal and unnecessary mess that movie was. So sad, so sad.

  • Oldboy 2013 was bad

    The oldboy remake speaks for itself. He messed up big time. The editing, The framing, The shots. Everything was just bad about oldboy 2013. It’s an insult to the original. He has potential but he just doesn’t make it work. He just focuses around racism and stuff like that and it’s getting outdated.

  • Strong visual sense. . . But seems to be completely lacking in any self-awareness of his own imperfections such as sexism, Misogyny. . . .

    Lee played an important role not only in terms of foregrounding racial issues but also in demonstrating how solid grounding in film technique can make maximize use of a tight budget. She's Gotta Have It should be seen by every film school grad. . . Who'd have thought anything that low budget could be that entertaininga. . . And Do The Right Thing is a milestone not just for it's story but for how the story is told. Unfortunately, Lee's grasp of film technique is not matched by his storytelling abilities. H'e tends to be hamfisted, Overly preachy and all too often downright sexist. (The sexism charge I base not only on my reaction, But that of various black women I've known who were not pleased at all by some of his films. )

  • He is pretentious, Assuming and generally out of touch.

    Like others have said, Compare the original masterpiece (not a word I say often) known as Oldboy, And compare it to Oldboy 2013. He clearly has no concept of what makes emotion, Characters and settings real.
    Watch any interview with him included and you'll be able to tell that he isn't the kind of person you'd want to direct and important intellectual property. But of course people will watch anything Hollywood (not that I'm completely innocent), So he'll waltz on making schlock after schlock.

    He represents a reason why western film just isn't what it used to be - sure film studios were always after money, But passion still existed no? Eh.

  • Don't like him.

    Bad movies, Bad director, Mean guy! I wish he was a better director because then I could like his movies but i can't because he makes bad movies that i also say things like "ugh" at. Inside Man is his only good movie and will only ever be his good movie!

  • Spike Lee is a bad bad director.

    His movies lack substance and that classical sauce. I have seen a handful and my two stand-out favorites Chi-raq and BlackKkKlansmen had the most weight and substance of his filmography. I feel like if he studied people more and get a sense for dialogue it would create a realistic cause and action.

  • A f***ing clown director.

    He needs to stop making such bad movies. This is what makes him a bad director. Also, His hair is not good. He needs to direct a better hair style onto his head.

    One time Spike Lee made a movie called Like Mike, It was forgotten only years later. Horrible man.

  • R. I. P Spike Lee

    You f***ing piece of shit. Bad movies need to be removed from all digital streaming platforms. I seen Dumbo and it was really amazing a lot better than anything Spike Lee has ever made. I do wish Spike Lee would make a masterpiece, So that we could end this war.

  • Spikey Boyyyyyyy hahaha

    Come on Spiike. . . You're doin it wrong

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