• Who cares? He has every right and reason to be.

    First of all, the slave trade was jewish, including Columbus. Yes Columbus was a jew. Secondly. Mr. Lee is in show business, which is largely under jewish ownership. You can't do anything in Hollywood without the jewish blessing. And about that whole anti "semitic" thing, jews are not even semitic.. But lets just say they are. Is Mr Lee anti semitic? I really can't say, but I think so because I would be if I were in his shoes.

  • Definitely Anti Semitic

    Several of his movies contain overtly hostile, unflattering and stereotypical views of Jews. I'm not sure why he is antisemitic- whether it is because of some perceived historical oppression of Blacks by Jews or his own personal experience being in the movie and entertainment business in which many Jews are heavily involved. The flip side of it seems to be his desperation to find and portray the dignity and contributions of Blacks. That is fine and necessary, but there's no reason it he has to take swipes at Jews in the process.

  • He protrays antisemitic sterotypes.

    Mo better Blues shows centuries old prejudice against Jewish businessmen.Spike becomes offended if anyone dislikes his movies. He admires known antisemites in Nation of Islam, such as Farrakhan.
    He has made inflamatory statements regarding the movie business and
    Jewish directors, and producers. He has never attempted to diaglog with those that disagree with his opinions.

  • Yes he is and it matters

    Yes he is ant Semitic . He has used anti jewish stereotype and offensive characters in some of his movies. He has down played the Holucost on occasion . I take great offense that jewish agencies are the only place you can find th . But that makes sense. There have been many cases of this in the media. It ts barly reported in the news. Today when he spoke with Anderson Cooper. I thought people who live In glass house..... My parents and
    Husband are survivors and I think he hypocrite. Very sad.

  • In Action, Yes.

    Spike Lee's films repeatedly depict excessively negative stereotypes of Jewish people, without a single, positive character to show balance or humanity (as he did with Italian characters in "Do the Right Thing.") Lee has, at the least, shown strong racial/ethnic bias in continuing to show Jews as simplistic, monodimensional, negative caricatures. Rather than

  • Spike Lee anti-Semitic

    Spike Lee may or may not be anti-Semiti. The fact that he is or isnt really is no one business but his I don't think writing a debate question on what he thinks and doesn't think is appropriate. This is America a free country and whatever I believe does not matter.

  • No, Spike Lee isn't anti-Semitic.

    I do not think that Spike Lee is anti-Semitic. I think that while Spike Lee is a racist who cannot seem to let go of the past, I think that there really isn't anything to indicate that he is an anti-Semite. I think that he should stop making movies though.

  • No he isn't

    No he is not Anit-semitic, he is just tired of seeing his people being held back all the time and not achieving what they really are capable of doing in the movies, and they have powerful stories to portray also to American History but America doesn't want to see or watch this.

  • No, I do not think so.

    No, I do not think that Spike Lee is anti Semitic. I think he may have said some stupid things over the course of his life, but I do not find him to be against the Jews as a religion or as an ethnicity. Sometimes things are just blown out of proportion.

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