• I Would Say So

    I believe Spike Lee is out of touch with America. Given his recent comments about his neighborhood that he grew up in, I think he is more concerned with complaining, rather than seeing the benefits of change. I'm not sure how he got to this point, given that he's been so grounded in the past.

  • Yes, Spike Lee is out of touch.

    I think that Spike Lee is out of touch with America. I do not think that Spike Lee is irrelevant anymore with the social and contemporary crowd. He is somebody who has always tried to speak for the minority groups in America. But for some reason, he has not been able to realize that things have gotten better.

  • Spike Lee is not out of touch with America

    Spike Lee's movies are still very relevant. This should be proof enough that he has not lost touch. His movies do very well. Some may say that Spike Lee is out of touch due to his celebrity status. The opposition to this argument would be to consider the charity work that he does. His exposure to 'regular' people is high enough that he has not lost touch, and his movies are proof.

  • Spike Lee is in touch with America.

    Spike Lee is one of the most famous American film directors. In being so, he must be in touch with Americans. He has an above average understanding of what Americans are looking for in a movie going experience. This includes content matter, culture as well as deep emotions within the American psyche.

  • Only speaking the truth

    People who call Spike Lee out of touch tend to either be explicit racists or closet racists, as he's often not said anything especially controversial or untrue about race relations in America and gentrification in New York City, the latter which has been a hot topic of debate as of late simply because Lee dared to protect his hometown.

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