• Yes, Spike is too controversial.

    I believe that Spike Lee is too controversial. I think that he has made way too much of a habit of alienating a lot of people by continuing to talk about racism in America. He is also a very annoying public figure who doesn't seem to be able to stop talking about race.

  • OK, maybe not controversial but he likes to look for trouble in places they don't exist

    I support his right to do whatever, but don't expect me to purchase his crap. His movies are the same old topic -- blaming other races for the shortcomings of black people and belittling them in every single movie he does. It's just depressing after a while. It's annoying :(

  • No, I don't think Spike Lee is too controversial.

    While Spike Lee has made some controversial comments on racial topics I believe overall he is a respected man and has a large following, I believe he is someone who may do something without thinking of the ramifications of what he is saying or doing until later on and then he apologizes for it but overall I don't think he's too controversial.

  • Absolutely not so

    I do not think Spike Lee is too controversial. the Definition of controversy is saying or doing something that gets the pubic to take notice of you which might then spark a debate for or against the topic of controversy. In showbiz as they say any publicity is good publicity.

  • No, he is not

    I don't see how you can consider him too controversial. There are movies like American History X and other like it. He puts out what he feels his culture has needed or wanted him to. I like some of his movies others are just too far out there. I think he has a point as well.

  • No he is absolutely not

    The reason so many people are against him to begin with, is that he is always , discussing topics that make white people uncomfortable. Not only is he addressing these topics, but he's doing it in a manner the holds a mirror up to white Americans. And they hate that.

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