• Spock is so awesome it hurts!

    Spock is the absolute coolest character in the Star Trek series. He is always calm under pressure, yet he is loyal and cares deeply for his friends. He would do anything for them, even give his own life. If this isn't awesome, I don't know what is. He is awesome to infinity!

  • Yes, Spock is awesome!

    Kirk is emotional and wet. Without Spock's logic Kirk would be poncing around space looking for the next mirror.
    Spock's logic provides depth to an otherwise shallow show and it is only logical that a scifi show have someone who is atleast half scientific.
    If Kirk was left to his own devices he would have the crew and himself wearing onesies and camping it up with Tribles.

  • Spock is not awesome.

    Spock is not awesome because he's boring. He is a foil to Captain Kirk, who is awesome. Spock is the necessary boring character to make the ensemble cast work. He is basically a big nerd who is always naval gazing. No one cares about his riddles and the paradoxes of his alien culture. He just exists to make Kirk look cooler.

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